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  1. Hope05

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    Im heather and im new here

    I have been depressed since i was 13 when my dad died of a heart attack. My mom ran off a few weeks later. Me and my brothers and sisters were put into foster care. I havent seen two of my sisters and one of my brothers since i was 13 they were put into different foster homes. I havent seen or heard from them. I have 3 brothers and two sisters that im close to. I was adopted by a nice and loving family when i was 17 i also have 4 adopted brothers and 3 adopted sisters.
    I started drinking at 16 stoped when i was 19 and i havent drank since then but i work in a bar and my fiance owns it and we will be getting married in december im so happy about that. He is sweet careing he is here for me when ever i need someone to talk to i love him to death. I go to counseling one a week have been for the last two years.

    I have my family and frineds to help me through this and im hoping to meet some new people who can also support me and who i can talk to

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    I'm new here too. You sound like you've been through a lot throughout your life, I'm glad to see things look like there going on a better path for you. How old are you now?
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    Thank you for the welcome

    Im 23 years old

  4. Jubi

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    I take it you have fibro or chronic pain to deal with on top of your difficult childhood. I too grew up in foster care from 12 to 18. It was in a mafia home and I was an only child. My parents are dead and they were both alkies. Each married 4 times after my birth. The only blood realatives left don't accociate much and we are kinda strangers. I would say to be grateful for the family you are close to and keep in touch with them. My early childhood was bad and I suffered with Multiple personality Disorder until God completed healing me a few months back. It broke my heart that my sons had to spend some time in foster care as my memories came back. Now they are grown and through the hard times and clean and sober. One thing that helped me heal after all the therapy I went through, was to read self help books. Codependent No More by Melonie Beatty and women who love too much changed my life. People who grow up in alcoholic families often have these issues. Of course what really helped me to cope with life after a very difficult childhood was when I turned my life over to God and the Lord Jesus, and he has been my strength. He is a father to the fatherless. I wish you hapiness in your future and hope you can find your other siblings. I lost my half brother and we only had each other. I pray I find him again, too. Also I struggled w/ depression, severe for 20 yeaers and I took elivil which is very safe. Worked great and gave me a reason to keep living. I was put on a new anti depressant just before God healed me called effexor and its very dangerous. Look up your meds on the internet and be wise. Elivil is old , safe and effective, but watch these new ones. God Bless, Jubi