new and fibro meds not working

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fmkitty, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. fmkitty

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    Hi I am new here and have been on meds for 5 months,got turned down for disabilty and the doctors keep increasing the meds that are not working.I am very frustrated and in a lot of pain,the neurontin makes me feel moody and hungover.any advice?
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    Hi FMkitty:

    Welcome to our world, sorry we have to meet this way, however I hope you will find lots of good support, ideas and maybe a few answers. Understand the frustration I have FM and MPS (myofascial pain) sounds like you need to talk to your doctor, particularly if they keep upping the dose and your not feeling better and possibly having side effects.

    There are many ways of dealing with these disorders, each of us is unique, we all respond differently, hopefully some posts will help or you will get ideas for coping.

    Are you on any vitamins/supplements many people here use them and find them helpful. Keep posting and reading other posts as well as looking in the library at the top of the page to get info. There are alot of good articles, info.

    Again welcome we are here to help each other.

  3. fmkitty

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    I Have told my dr.that the meds are not working,he wants me to take more,I am not going to take them ,I feel worse now then I did.Thanks so much I need the support,does the red wine really work?fmkitty
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    Welcome to the board!

    We must often become our own advocates for this disease. This means educating yourself about FMS so that you can discuss treatment options with your doctor(s). There is a lot of information available in the library here, and many of us are happy to answer any questions that we can.

    Best wishes,