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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by angelwhisper, Dec 28, 2009.

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    I'm new and I hope I can find someone who has information on OA. I am not at fault for having it, but I'm at fault for letting it go so long. The joy that kills me is my left knee. My walking is limited to as small amount as possibly. In a store I do better if I push a cart. (I don't know why.) I have gotten an opinion from several ortho doc's and their opinions seem to be the same. I got a series of five shots (can't think of the name of them.) They helped very little if at all. My knee is bone on bone and I think I twist it during the night because I wake up in horrible pain. It takes a long time for me to get up and walk and that's the only thing that helps a little.
    Thanks for reading this and have a good day........Connie
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    Welcome to the board. Sorry to hear about the problem. OA is osteo arthritis, right?

    I have arthritis, but so far it hasn't caused much of a problem. My knuckles are
    swollen, but I didn't want to be a hand model anyway.

    You might want to post on the Arthritis Board. See "Select a Board" above.

    If you are feeling in need of some company, you can visit the chit chat board. Folks
    talk about any old topic: kids, pets, music, knitting, cooking, etc.

    Good luck
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    I have OA all over my body, but in my knees is the worst.

    I let my left knee get so bad that I could barely walk. Both knees are now bone-on bone. I had a total knee replacement in my left knee last year. It was the best thing that I ever had done! The pain is now completely gone!

    A knee replacement is a big ordeal, though. It takes a lot of rehab, and you have to do it or you end up with a stiff leg. I did it all and that leg is now great.

    My right knee is now in bad shape and I am going to have to have a replacement done in it now. I have just been putting it off, trying to get it timed right to do the rehab in the spring and not during this cold, snowy winter! I hope I can make it another couple months, then I guess I'm going to do it again!

    I can barely stand to walk on it and I am tired of going through all of this pain every day.

    Have you ever thought of having a total knee replacement?

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