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  1. Mikie

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    Time to start a new thread. I hope it is new and improved because I hope all our Loungers are feeling improved energy and good health!

    Love, Mikie
  2. rockgor

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    Mikie. Twelve hours exactly!

  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Mikie, I think your missing post can be found on your profile list
    of posts: Health Board. Is that the one where you were talking
    about the Red Tide not to be confused with Flora, the Red Menace?
    I could move it over, but I think you could too. You certainly know
    more about these capricious machines than I.

    Mine has a new foible. The spellchecker has lost its mind. It
    now underlines part of a word. Well even "dog" is misspelled when
    it only scans the last two letters. Note: in Norskie "og" is a
    perfectly good word. As in "Ditt og datt" which means "this or that".

    Have you tried one of those Snuggle blankets with the sleeves, Diane?
    Ellen Degeneres was modeling one. She said, "I feel like I should have
    a wizard's hat on."

    I'm pretty sure we talked about a biereck casserole before, but I
    can't remember what it is. I put a mystery by Meg Gardiner on hold.
    Not sure if I've read something of hers before or not.

    Thank you for your alternative post, Freida. With Diane walking Zippy
    and etc. Oh yeah, we had a slight shower this week. Looked outside.
    Zippy was maneuvering his blankie up the 3 steps to the terrace. I think
    he was trying to get behind the camellia bushes.

    Glad your Kindle is working again, Jole. I think that is the dumbest name.
    Seems to me you ought to use it to start a fire. Pam, good news about
    the house. I looked up pancreatitis. I didn't even know what the pancreas
    did/does. Getting tired. Been awake all night. The usual errands tomorrow.
    I think we will have to reschedule the chiropractor as Gordon's car has
    to go back to the shop for the 4th or 5th time re: the asthma problem.

    Bis Spater as Georgia says
    "See ya later" in Deutsch

  4. bct

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    I hurt my back yesterday. Like a fool, I tried to move a very large rock out of the ditch at the side of the road. Anyways, I sprung my back. So no go with R to town today.

    We're still waiting for precious rain. Had just a little drizzle in the night. Seems a lot of people around me are out of water, as I've seen the water trucks delivering to rural roads.

    Dear Leah, sorry about your frost. Was it early for you? We haven't had one here yet.... but it will come. I look at autumn this way: it's time to get some bulbs and plant them for the spring. I need (want) to get some more daffodils and tulips. Oh yes, and Crocuses. And some hyacinths for forcing in the house!

    I pulled up the tomato plants yesterday. I hung the green toms. up in the front room (aka "sun room" in summer, "mud room" in winter) in the hope they will ripen. I don't have enough to make chutney this year.

    Also harvested the few eggplants, and then cooked them. FANTASTIC! Sliced and fried in olive oil, they were SO good that Richard ate most of them as soon as they cooled. Does anyone else like eggplant (or aubergine if you prefer?).
    Maybe an acquired taste like okra....

    When I was at the farmer's market two weeks ago (talk about exhausting) I saw carrots in white and purple forms. Also beautiful cauliflower in white, green, purple, and bright orange. I've had the orange ones before and they are very good. They were a chance mutation found in the '70's in Canada, and they have slowly crept into the main markets. If you see them, give them a try.

    There isn't very much autumn colour here yet. The ash tree I see out of my window has turned light brown, and the leaves are falling. The big-leaf maples are slow to turn yellow, but a few leaves here and there.... The very best colour is in the poison-oak, with its lovely reds and burgundies. I wish it wasn't so darned invasive!

    The first of the winter birds are back, with varied thrushes and fox sparrows leading the way. Also the juncos are flocking up and fighting with the quail over the birdseed I toss around the yard. I really like to see the birds and recommend bird-watching to everyone. I have a very light pair of binoculars that stays permanently near the window. We still have hummers, but the tanagers and warblers are gone 'til the spring.

    I saw the doc. last week. Blood pressure too high so my Norvasc was raised to 5mgs. I've never had BP problems before the last 2 years. Ah well.

    The sun has popped through the clouds. Bah! I want rain!

    Hey Rock! I have one of those odd snuggle blankets with sleeves! It is very comfy if you are laying down. Walking in it is weird though, with its large sleeves and trailing "gown" effect. Wizard is right! Sure was cheap though. And sure is warm.

    Jole, I'm glad your Kindle has re-kindled! I'm still a book person. If I don't like the book I can throw it on the fire. Bet you can't do THAT with a kindle! HA!

    Pam, I feel your excitement from a thousand miles away! I do hope that you won't be too busy/tired to post, as I am enjoying your move and your writings about it.

    Diane, how's your cold? I haven't had one in so long it boggles my mind. When I developed CFS all those years back, I realized that I had stopped having colds. Doc. thinks my immune system is in overdrive.... I did get a flu shot a few days ago, and had a sore arm, but that's all. I always get the shots because the onco. I was seeing for my leukemia really wanted me to have them, that and the pneumonia shot too. So I do.

    Mikie, your energy seems improved. Is it? You do so much that you make me feel lazy. But keep up the good work! Do you use the swimming pool?

    I've got to stop now before I become incoherent. Time for a cup tea with lemongrass I think. No, make that chamomile.

    Love to all,
    Barry from the boondocks.

  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    To see y'all here in the Lounge. I miss everyone when the place is empty.

    Pam, glad things are moving along. I pray the treatment for DS's pancreatitis is successful. When I had the e-coli a few years back, my pancreas and liver enlarged and my whole torso swelled up around them to protect them. I looked like the Michelin Man. To this day, sometimes, I will swell up and have the pain in the organs. I was fortunate because the doc said he suspected it was the worst strain and could have caused organ failure. He dismissed me at first and said e-coli is rare so he didn't test me. After the ongoing swelling and pain, he changed his mind. I'm just lucky I got through it OK but I often wonder whether there has been some kind of long-term damage. My labs are OK so I guess that's a good sign. Sorry, didn't mean to make this about me. I have been keeping your DS in my prayers. Pancreatic pain gets to a person. Are they giving him anything for pain? I hope he isn't in pain.

    Jole, so glad you had such a wonderful family reunion. I'm sorry the weather didn't cooperate but am glad you and your Sis got some time, just the two of you. It's so hard for us to be around the confusion of lots of people. I'm glad to hear about the toaster over. Everyone I've talked to says they couldn't do without one now. I got a personal pizza so will cook it in the over to see how it goes. Geez, your DD had a really close call with that accident. I'm so sorry about her wrists but am glad it wasn't worse; it was bad enough. Yes, cooking can be so therapeutic, like a warm comfortable blanket.

    Leah, I did end up getting three pairs, exactly alike, of thermal jammie bottoms. I just wear them with tee shirts. I had three pairs exactly alike but had to throw the one pair out from my fall. I like to wear dark tees so I can sit out on the balcony and let the girls be free and no one can tell. We get all kinds of friends and neighbors out there, men and women, cats and dogs. I have slippers to match my jammies. I wait until they are on sale, dirt cheap. I like the really soft ones but they can't have toes in them. Too hot down here. I need to let the breeze blow between my toes. Speaking of birds, my neighbor told me she saw Tweety with a little bird in her mouth and the bird was sqawking. She went in and got a fly swatter and smacked Tweety on the head and she let the bird go. It flew away no worse for wear. One of the cats left a dead gecko outside my door. It must have not been too tasty. None of the cats would eat it. Maybe they think I'd like such a delicacy. AACK!!!

    Diane, I did find my receipt and info for registering the TV. I don't think I ever did but since it's still under warranty, I should be able to do it and then call for repair. As I mentioned to Leah, like you, I like to wear tee shirts with my jammies. Since it's so warm down here, sometimes, I sleep in just my tee and underwear and slip on the jammie bottoms to go out to the balcony for coffee. Barb and I went to Target today but she bought a different type of jammies. The ones on sale are Gilligan and O'Malley. They have cotton, thermal and flannel. Used to be $12.99, on sale for $10. Not too bad. I got my old ones for $6 a pair after Christmas but stores no longer stock so much stuff since the economy took a dive.

    The Red Tide is here; fish are dying, I'm having a difficult time breathing, and it's affecting my neurological system. I feel kinda jumpy and aggitated like when I tried to wean off Klonopin. I've also had headaches. They showed the dead fish on TV. I've been feeling depressed because I have so much which needs doing but I don't feel well; I feel overwhelmed. I decided I had to get up and do something. I colored my hair and it came out great! I was using Nice 'n Easy but it turned my hair a pinky brown for two weeks before it turned a nice blonde. Barb told me to get L'Oreal and I did. OMG, what a difference.

    I went and got my glasses fixed and it's so nice to have them fit again. My car needs an oil change and the induction system cleaned so I made an appt. for next Wed. I've been putting it off. So, I got a lot done that needs doing and I feel better about life. Now, if I can only clean around here. Geez, it's starting to look like a hoarder lives here. I've been falling asleep early and waking up in the middle of the night. I may fall asleep during the debate and have to watch the highlights tomorrow, like a football game. My buddies and I are all ready to vote but we don't know when early voting starts down here. There are 10 amendments on the ballot and I always worry about getting behind someone who has to stand there and read them all. Yikes!

    Well, kiddies, I need to go. My eyes are closing as I type. I'll never make it through the debate. Hope everyone has a great evening.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Another post just disappeared. If this one does it too, I'll have to hunt it down too. I did manage, thanks to you, Rock, to find the one above over on the Health Board. I'm not the only one this is happening to.

    Rock it was the one about the Red Tide. I read about why they decided on the name, Kindle, but have forgotten. There was some kind of booky logic at work. Whenever I read about Zippy rearranging his blankie, it touches my heart. What a smart little doggie.

    Leah, wish you were feeling new and improved but, as you pointed out, it's not a requirement to pop into the Lounge. You know, the Lounge is as real to me as the Balcony outside. I wish y'all were gathered here with me and Barb for coffee. We had three humans and two dogs come all the way up. Numerous people stop and talk to us from the street as they walk, walk their dogs or walk to the pool. Of course, Simon was here early for breakfast and Tweety and Sylvester came in for some cream. Tweety ate some seafood medley Meow Mix from her private reserve.Oh, almost forgot, we did take care of that person using his website to sell. Thank you, and everyone else, for clicking on the inappropriate button to let us know something is going on. It makes our jobs so much easier and helps keep the website safe. Thank you.

    Barry, I hope your back is better. I am improving from the bladder infection but it's slow going. I usually put outside work ahead of work inside. The balcony is such a wonderful, magical place that I like to keep it clean. Also, I can't ignore the needs of the plants. Our landscapers don't take care of everything.

    I'm watching CNN where that guy is getting read to skydive at the speed of sound. Wow, can you imagine the sensation? How does the human body stand up to 600+ MPH? He's at altitude and going through his checklist. This is soooo exciting!

    Sending prayers, hugs and love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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  7. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Love your wildlife nature descriptions.When I start having time to stop and smell the roses I'm going to spend more time learning about birds.When we vacationed at my sisters we would sit out mornings and she told me how they talked and scolded each other it was very interesting.
    So glad I'm not boring you with moving and packing stories.It's quite the process.I have my BP under control and am so glad.I hated taking meds and worrying over it.Sister was having health problems recently and turned out BP was the problem now she feels better.

    Family party yesterday turned out to be so fun.I was determined to enjoy and even rested in the afternoon to have the energy.The children made us going away cards that touched our hearts.They asked us not to go but when I mentioned a pool I think they wished we had already left.

    That one vaca when I was down and it was Red Tide was an eye opener.I didn't like it and I didn't realize it happens so often.Sounds like you have a busy week ahead with errands.I'll kick it in gear on Tues. to start stuffing the RV.Time is short now but it's all last min. stuff for me to get done.Huz has dallied around til it's a mad dash for him but that's how he likes it I guess.

    So warm here today that I have the window open.Love that!Two more parties next week to attend Fri. Sun. for those of you that know me well Rock and Jole you can see how mellow about it all I am.Working very hard to not kick and scream about it all.I did ask DS if we will get together at all before we leave.They work so much and are never together.Sun. for breakfast will have to do but Wed. he'll come get our computers cleaned out and all set for no viruses.We're on our own after that.

  8. jole

    jole Member

    We finally remember what it's like! We've been getting as excited as kids for a long while now when it lightenings and thunders....'wow! Look at that one! But last night we ended up getting the real deal. Under an inch, but perfectly timed after just getting the wheat in the ground.

    Barry, wish you were getting some there also. No pretty fall leaves here either. They just shriveled up and fell...still green. Love hearing about all the different foods at your farmer's marked. Here, it's mostly tomatoes, corn, zucchini, potatoes, cantelope and watermellon. Never heard of the colored cauliflour before. Maybe a way to get kids to eat it! So sorry to hear you've got back pain you didn't have enough going on. I agree with the 'overdrive' immune system. Don't know any other reason many of us never get ill anymore. As long as they stay in overdrive, I think I'll take that over it giving out altogether.

    Leah, it sounds like winter affects you like it does me. When the weather gets cooler, I get depressed, and when you're totally indoors it must be even worse! I do get out at least once a month, and have lots to see out the windows. Well, lots of space to look at

    Pam, I think we need to remind Barry that it's not just you moving....we're all moving with you :) I'm still excited to find out exactly what 'our' new house will be like! We all trust your judgement and know we'll love it!!

    Rock, nope, no Kindle in the fire, although they do have a Kindle Fire! It's almost like a hand-held computer. The cheap one is good enough for me, but my DIL has a Kindle Fire. She said it's really slow getting on the internet with it though.....and I'm not sure why she wanted it because she has a Smart Phone and gets onto Facebook, checks weather, has GPS, etc. on it. I'm lucky to keep my big old desktop computer

    Mikie, I saw that post Leah was talking about kinda gives me the same feeling as having a stranger come to my door in the country selling vaccuum cleaners (yes, they still do that). Glad you have your new jammies, but sorry you have the Red Tide. I'd never heard of it either until you talked about it a few years ago.

    Diane, it's always good to see you with us, and I enjoy your posts!

    Shoot, there was something I was going to tell you, but forgot what it was. I'm sure I'll remember in the middle of the night when I want to be sleeping. Slept 45 minutes last night.....but did get some pictures in the scrapbook downstairs while hubby slept. Hugs to all...

  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Pam, when I moved down here, I got books on trees and birds. I still can only name a few. I've been so tired, I just can't imagine moving. My thoughts are with you. Glad your BP is under control. Mine is but it took a bunch of different meds before we found one I could tolerate.

    Leah, glad you got your shower. I didn't and it's looming over me as I type. I have a Bealls coupon good only today and I want to run down there to get a couple of tees to match the new jammie bottoms. It's starting to feel and look like fall here or, as much as it can look like fall. Mornings and evenings are cooler and our days are cloudless. Can't wait til I don't need the A/C at all.

    Jole, I love thunder and lightening too, especially if it brings lots of rain with it. I'm getting my DGS a Kindle Fire for Christmas but he won't be getting online with it. He'll only download games and books. It will only have wi-fi and not 3G. I would like one myself but, for now, my old Kindle will have to do.

    I watched that guy on CNN yesterday and it was amazing that he made that jump from the edge of space wearing only a suit with a parachute. He reached more than 800 mph, way above Mach1. I was afraid he might pass out but he was amazing and landed on his feet. A slight scare when he started to spin but he got it under control. They delayed showing the films to ensure he was OK.

    I'm so tired this morning that I just want to go back to bed. If I do that, it's all over for the day. I think I'll just go get in the shower and do what has to be done. Then, I can rest. Hope everyone else has a great day!

    Love, Mikie
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, Good Grief! I thought I had posted here. Musta been someplace
    else. Ha Ha! Had a good walk with Zipper today. I found a quarter.
    Couple weeks ago I found 27 cents. (In 3 trips.) If I would find this
    much every week, I'd have a cool 13 bucks after a year. (It was more
    than that at Ralphs grocery yesterday for a one pound lobster.)

    I talked to a middle-aged couple from Germany while on our walk.
    They were looking for an address on Edgeware Street. We have
    E and W Edgeware Streets. They are 2 blocks apart. Anyhoo, they'd
    already looked and couldn't find the right number, so I couldn't help
    them. I did tell them, "Mein Grossmutter war ein Deutsch" though.

    Month or two ago I gave some family the directions to Sunset Blvd. which
    is just a few blocks away. After they drove off I realized I'd told the to go
    in the wrong direction. Uff-da! From now on all directions come w/
    a disclaimer.

    Jole, glad you got some rain. We usually have rain only in the winter
    months, but the weather has been a bit odd these last 2 years. Anyhoo
    we get very little in the way of lightning, thunder or rainbows.

    I don't know the difference between I phones and smart phones and
    Blackberries and etc. No interest in learning either. This year is the 30th
    anniversary of the CD. Apparently they are already becoming obsolete.
    The long playing record, which was new when I was in grade school,
    lasted about 36 years,

    Freida, what kinda squash did you use for your pie? I read that
    many commercial pumkin pies are actually made with squash.
    We got a flyer from Trader Joe's. They have 20 pumpkin products
    for sale including, bread, ice cream, cookies, tea, and doggie treats.

    Yes, Mikie, Zippy's pretty smart. He can read body language even
    when he can't see. When we're sitting on the sofa, and I lean forward
    to put my book on the coffee table, he jumps down if I'm going to
    the kitchen to fix his lunch. If' I'm just reaching for something on the
    table he doesn't move.

    Barry, watch out for those rocks. Some decades ago Gordon and
    I saw a round rock alongside the street. It was about the size of a
    basketball. He decided it would give a desirable effect in the garden,
    so we jumped out to salvage it. Ha! The two of us couldn't even move
    it. I later read a cubic foot of rock weighs around 100 to 150 pounds!

    I'm sure you look very fetching in your Snuggle robe. Now with a coffee
    filter for a crown and a stair rod for a scepter, you'll be all set for
    Halloween as the Queen of E. Freida can go with you in her drapery
    with the two holes in it.

    Glad to hear you are staying mellow, Pam. That's a pretty good trick
    during the moving process. With regard to birds, it has been my
    observation that they come in various categories: beautiful, song,
    huge, raptors, and talking. Have you read "Alex and Me" by a
    psychologist who worked with a grey parrot for 30 years?

  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Falling falling everywhere.Much as I don't want to have anything to do with them this yr.the wind has piled them up in front of my front porch.I've been walking through them all day making trips into the house and into the RV but really they are going to have to be picked up.Tomorrow maybe.

    The hardest job by far is the trips up and down the steps with clothing and bath supplies then up the stairs to the RV and climbing and reaching to put stuff away in closets and cabinets.So many trips and so many stops to lay on the bed or sofa to collect some energy.I feel like I'm ready for one place or another house or RV but no more trips to each.

    Lily gets a haircut tomorrow and I was going to let mine go but someone posted a pic of me on FB from the weekend and I realized yikes I need a haircut right away!

    I have not read that book Rock but I will look it up for my Kindle.

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    So, Pam, you and Lily are both getting haircuts. I'm getting pretty shaggy myself. I'm tured just reading about going up and down the stairs. Whew! Is the new house one or two stories?

    Rock, Zippy is already becoming one of my favorite virtual online family dogs. A Snowbird neighbor is picking up her new puppy in a week. I won't get to see him til Jan. but she sent a pic. What a cutie. I love pumpkin anything. I don't usually like flavored coffees but they make a pumpkin spice that I looooove.

    Didn't get a darned thing done today. I decided I needed a day of complete rest so have been vegging out in front of the TV all day. Just watched "The Thing." It's the latest remake of the movie. Saw it in the 50's in B&W when I was a kid. I loved it then and have to say that this latest version was pretty good--very suspensful.

    Have to get going tomorrow for the condo mtg. I am taking my car in for an oil change and induction cleaning on Wed. and will have them bring me home. My buddies and I are going to the movies to see "Argo" and after, they will take me to Toyota to pick up my car. Tomorrow, we will be making plans on which time we will see the movie. Thurs., I take one of my buddies in to get the injection in her eye for macular degeneration. So, other than today and Fri., my week is filling up. Good excuse not to clean in here :)

    As always, sending my best.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Do your husbands like squash?I wondered if it's a woman thing because all the men in my family turn up their noses.I love it butternut,acorn,the spaghetti kind,name slipped my mind.

    I swept up those leaves!Huz has walked right on through and not even noticed.Well I noticed,patting my own back.
    Diane Lily thinks she's a kitty!She was raised with two cats and does not like other dogs.Just cats.She got her haircut and my stylist got me in for a cut.Our builder finally called us back.We've tried to reach her since Fri.Our minds were running wild with paranoid thoughts.Did they go out of business,or take off with some of our money?No things are fine and we'll meet when we arrive in Fl.

    Leah I'm so touched that you shared all that.A bad time of yr. for you indeed.I won't be babbling on about holidays for sure.I just don't care anything about them.So commercial and out of control.I stopped putting up a tree or decorations yrs. ago when I got sick.Huz and I never exchange gifts.It's my B-day this month too Diane!the 20th and sisters is 18th.I want what I always want.Not to cook!Other then that I'll just skip it.I can't believe I'll be 59, until I look in the mirror.

    Mikie you sound mighty busy hope you take care.

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm so glad to see all the posts, even the ones which describe feeling down. To have this wonderful Online Family to talk with is very healing and we do understand. Also, it gives us a purpose, even if it's only to listen and send healing hugs and prayers.

    As y'all know, I live down here by myself and never spend Christmas with my kids. The ones in Atlanta always want me to come for Thanksgiving but the fares are too high for me to use my reward points to get a free flight. I'll likely stay home. I don't mind spending holidays by myself. I always get invitations from friends down here but, like most of us, I don't feel comfortable going to others' celebrations. I may not feel well and get stuck somewhere.

    I used to love the fall and putting up fall decorations. Not this year. I haven't put anything up. I've just been too tired between the fall and now this bladder infection, which seems to be clearing up. I'm eating the carbs I have in the freezer. I need to lose weight and will be going on the Mediteranean (probably misspelled) diet with lots of greens and fish.

    Got my old TV registered so can call to see if I can get it fixed. Of course, it hasn't acted up since. Oy! It's just like when you take the car in and it won't make that weird noise in the shop.

    I sometimes miss the four seasons. I used to plant bulbs in the fall and ski in the winter. I loved curling up in front of the fireplace with a soft blankie. I loved sleeping in a cold bedroom. CO doesn't have much of a spring but I savored every nice day and the flowers from the bulbs I had planted the last fall. Strangely, though, living in CO always made me sad because I knew nothing would last. Just as I was enjoying the season, the next one pushed its way in. Down here, we don't have seasons per se but we know it's fall because of the cooler mornings and evenings and the clear, cloudless days. Many here go to the beach on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    I love both CO and FL but I couldn't live in CO again in the winter with the pollution and dry air. I have COPD and Denver's winter weather is not my friend. I daydream about winning the LOTTO so I can get a ski condo to live in when it's so hot down here and to use to ski. Of course, if I can hardly get my rear off the sofa, I probably wouln't be skiing. I'm going to ask my doc if he can look for other reasons for this exhaustion beyond my illnesses. All the other symptoms are gone but the exhaustion lingers. Whine, whine, whine!

    I'm feeling a bit Herxy today. Think I'll turn the A/C down (up) and take my bath. When I get outta the tub, it's cool. I feel hot. Guess I'll take my temp. With us, it's always something.

    I pray for healing for everyone and that God keeps the big black dog from the door.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Cold or allergy?Like Diane I have the sniffles.Lots of pressure in my sinuses.Coughing and feeling tired.I can't figure it out and that drives me crazy.Sleep is impossible.

    Well enough of that.Hope to get more stuff crammed into the RV.DS is coming over for the computers.It's his contribution to make sure we are virus free.I'm going to try and make meatballs today.A stew and freeze some for spaghetti for a quick meal this week.Pots and pans will be packed soon.

    I'm going to drag myself to the shower and see if I can pull myself out of this funk a little bit.Resting is always an open option in my mind if I can't get motivated with all the attempts I try.

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It sucks to feel bad, expecailly right now with all you guys have going on. I'm glad you see resting as an open option. I think we do better when we go by that tenet. We have a lot of stuff going on down here right now. Some of it's been the Red Tide but not all of it. People are coughing and sneezing. When I picked up my last Rx at Target, it was packed at the pharmacy. Pharmacist told me lots of people are sick. AACK!

    I got sick at the Toyota dealer this morning. I had the oil changed and the induction system cleaned. It didn't take long, about an hour, but I started to feel really sick and just made it to the bathroom. I'm Herxing. Definitely. Then, when I looked at my paperwork after paying, I noticed they only charged me $29.99 for the oil change. I use synthetic oil. They have it on record but the guy missed it. So, they had to drain the oil they had just put in and replace it with the synthetic. I felt sick and couldn't wait to get outta there. Only good news is that I got my oil change for $35 less because there was no charge for the mistake. Also, I had a coupon so saved $15 on the induction cleaning.

    I'm sitting here with a headache and upset stomach so will likely just go to bed. I hate it that I can't count on feeling well when I need to. I was supposed to go to the movie with Barb and Joanne but I told Barb I'm not up to it. No wonder I have no social life. More whining!

    Sending all my best wishes for a good day for everyone.

    Love, Mikie

  17. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    is still with us, for at least two more days in the eighties, and then RAIN is forecast! I pray for it. Thanks for thinking of it Leah; every little think helps!

    Leah, do get your hubby to keep a lookout for those unusual cauliflowers. I saw some in the store last week, post doc. visit. I'm glad they've gone from the farmers markets to the larger stores. The green ones have been popular for a while, but the orange ones seem slower to catch on. I love all brassicas! Especially Brussel sprouts! Richard doesn't like them! I can't understand this. Lots of people turn up their noses at Brussels, I've never understood why. I was raised on them in England..... and my English mum loved them....

    The last few toms. are ripening in the house, and that's that. Richard bought an 'heirloom' tomato at the store yesterday to tide us over. It was awful: bland, mealy, mushy, watery and tasteless! It was so big that it lasted two days. And it cost (gasp) almost $3! Never again; I'd rather do without. Ah well, it will soon be tomato paste/sauce time, now that the cooler weather is around the corner. Soups, stews. Cold weather comfort foods.

    No Xmas here. Don't even think about it except as a big materialistic consumer-oriented freak show for adults. Save it for the kids, by all means.

    Gosh that sounded bitter. I better sign off soon!

    Mikie my dear, sorry about your energy and/or herxing. All this stuff gets one down, especially when one remembers the energies we used to have. For me, memories of hiking in Death Valley, camping many times in the Mohave, hiking in the high Sierras...... memories....dreams.....reflections....

    Love to all before I fall,

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It's so nice to see so many of us keeping the Lounge busy. I'd rather hear from someone who is hurting than not to hear at all. When I'm hurting, I whine about it and feel better. When I read that someone else is hurting, I can, at least, send up some prayers. BTW, it's only whining when I do it. I don't consider others to be whining. Somehow, when I call my complaints, whining, it diminishes problems in my mind. We all face so many challenges in our everyday lives and we are really the only ones who understand. Some of us are lucky enough to have spouses, significant others and friends who try to understand and make our burdens lighter. Bless them.

    Yes, this is Herxing I'm experiencing. I should have recognized the early signs of it yesterday and rescheduled the car. Still, I'm glad it's done. I love it that I bought this car new and have taken better care of it than anyone I know. I need it to keep running and last the rest of my days. I need to call the mechanic certified by AAA to ask how much a timing belt and water pump cost to replace. The dealer wants $975. Yes, you didn't read that wrong. I'd rather the dealer did it but that seems like highway robbery, no pun intended. I'm not planning on having it done until it breaks because it's a belt and not a chain. If it breaks, the car simply stops and there is no damage to the valves. They recommend replacing it at nine years regardless of mileage but one of their employees had a Highlander about the age of mine with 60 some thousand miles on it, about twice what is on mine. When they took the old belt out, it was like new. He wishes he would have waited til it broke or the water pump quit. Sorry, don't mean to bore y'all. This is probably TMI about cars.

    Leah, most of us have heard, and had, it all. That is why we can empathize with each other. Please, never hesitate to post about what is getting you down. I'll say it again, just posting it is healing. There is no shame in being ill. All most of us want, besides a cure, is understanding and a warm hug or two. I, personally, no longer mourn my old life and energy. I think I've reached enough acceptance to just be thankful that I had the experiences I've had. I have my memories and they comfort me. I feel the worst for the young ones who are so sick and struggling to raise their kids while so sick. One of the best things I ever heard came from a psychic I used to work with. She said that what is hard for one may not be hard for another. Some of us struggle so much more in dealing with our illnesses. I respect that struggle and don't judge. It's only taken me 22 years to get to this point :) I'm a slow learner.

    BTW, my headache was just the early-warning sign of the Herx to come. The Red Tide is worse and closer to us so I thought it was just that. I got up at 2:00 and had to take an allergy pill as I had the dry hack which comes with the dried algae spores in the air. RT is nasty stuff. It's also why I felt jittery at the dealership. I have never noticed fumes in the huge waiting areas of the service bldg. This dealership is so big that they have completely separate bldgs. for cars and trucks. Even though the Highlander isn't a true SUV, it's considered a truck. The waiting areas are all new and have tiles on the floor. There is wi-fi, TV, coffee, etc. so waiting usually isn't a problem. They also have tables and padded chairs. I wish doctors' waiting rooms were so nice. Oh, and yes, I do take probiotics, the ones I buy here.

    Barry, I soooo agree with you about Christmas. Aside from the spiritual aspects, I think people go way overboard and put too much stress on the commercialism. It's a relief to me not to have to get wrapped up, again, no pun intended, in all that. I'm glad you have memories of hiking and camping. It was one of my favorite things before I got sick. I tried that green cauliflower when it first came out. It was more expensive and didn't taste good. Perhaps I should be more adventuresome in my eating. I need to go to the store but feel so lousy that it'll have to wait. I don't feel like eating anyway as long as I'm Herxing and the Red Tide is here.

    Jam, I think I mentioned that we had an earthquake in CO years ago when Dow Chemical was pumping waste water under pressure underground. I would think fracking would do the same. The earthquakes in the NE are evidently worse because of the old rocks there. I wish we would invest in renewable energy instead of taking chances with our Mother Earth.

    I hope I didn't miss responding to anyone. I'm really tired this morning. Just want everyone to know I'm thinking of y'all.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Not a cold but allergies as happens every yr. near my birthday.I can't remember a b-day I've not had sinus pressure and felt bad.My sister that is going back called and has the same symptoms I read ragwood is really bad this yr.

    I did not hear about the earthquake Leah.I usually keep up with world news.It's a strange feeling isn't it?Ohio has gotten a few little ones.Rock and Barry know lots about those first hand.I noticed you've felt up to a shower and hair washing a couple times in a row.That might sound weird to someone reading that but I know what it costs you to get the energy to do that so I'm glad for you.Makes you feel good right after even if exhausted.

    I really have nothing to get done right now.Huz has been in his office for days changing addresses online and shutting off utilities.I have gone in to help pack but wander back out because he is so OCD about the way he wants things done that I just get in his way and end up frustrated that he can't just let me pack stuff up.He gets mired in a task at a's impossible to be of any help so i'll leave him to it.

    Do you believe his friend has asked him to go off to Amish country to their lumber store on Fri.? I threw up my hands and asked if anyone believes we are moving in 5days.Of course he wants to go and his sister is having us over for dinner tomorrow too.He's a big boy and can decide himself but I think it's nuts.

    Barry I would love to hear more about your hiking days.I read a very good best seller about a woman's solo trek on the Oregon trail recently.When DS gets my kindle back to me Sun. I'll look up the title it was so moving and inspiring.
    I like brussel sprouts and will look for the different cauliflowers as well.

    Mikie you're still chugging along in spite of all these health set backs.Rest rest rest!

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, if anything I say inspires, my life has meaning. Like I said, we've all been there.

    Pam, it may seem as though I'm chugging along but it feels like slow motion to me. I have been resting plenty in between.

    I did sit out a long time with Barb today and we had our usual humans, cats and dogs. It takes no energy for me and it fulfills my needs to socialize. The animals are sooooo healing and sweet. It even helps out one woman because, after she walks her little dog, she puts him up on the balcony with us while she gets ready for work. We give him treats, water and lots of love. He just loves his Auntie Barb and Auntie Mikie. This morning, he was wild, running from one end of the balcony to the other. He never tries to go down the stairs because his little legs are too short.

    I'm inside now and plan on resting for the remainder of the day. We have some silly cat and dog posts going on that might bring a smile. Check it out.

    Everyone, have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

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