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    I am new to this section of the message boards, and I really need prayers for a situation I feel I must handle.,
    I have a friend of 30 years, who has become more and more negative and bitter about everything as time has gone on. I am trying to overcome verious illnesses and am struggling to stay positive. We enjoy shopping together, but it is getting so tht every time I make a comment, like "Is't it a nice day?", she responds with "Yes, but it won't stay that way". If I complement someonee famous, she will respond by saying,that, of course, they can do so nd so, they are rich. I expressed empathy for the children of Afganistan and Irac and she bittery said not to worry about them, because our government will take car of them- meaning that they will get medical care. When a neighbor's house burned down she said not to worry about them,they probably had insurance. And so it goes. My friend has suffered a lot, but she shows no compassion for others. I do not want to loose her friendship, but I need to say something. Being with her is a real downer, and it is that way all the time. How do I talk too her? I am older than she, and she always seems to think that everytng I say is a veiled criticism aimed at her. Or should I just let it drop and go on as usual? I could use some prayers for inspiration, as well as any thoughts on the subject.Thanks, Terry
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    I really do know what you are up against - and wish I had something wise to say to help. One time I read an article where Dr. Peale said to mentally 'SHOOT' prayers her way. Above all - try to keep your positive outlook. We will be praying - that the Lord leads you to just the correct words.
    WE are happy to welcome you - to this great Worship Board.

    Hugs for you, Hikagranma
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    Welcome to the board. I too know what it is like to struggle to stay positive when all these negatives are thrown your way. I will pray that the Lord will lead you and guide you and give you the strength to deal with your situation.
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    we've all been there. I have a couple of people in my life that are like that. One, i can't get away from, its my sister. I get soooo mad, she just crawls right under my skin because EVERYTHING is soooo negative. My husband claims if the devil can't get in the front he uses the back door. (meaning using the weakest link, that would be my sister, since she upsets me) Keep praying for her, as we will here and i will pray for also that God will show you patience and comfort soul. God Bless you and have a wonderful weekend. mama
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    Hello Terry,

    The only thing I could say, would to be Pray for you friend and ask the Lord to bless her and give her some peace and comfort and ask him directly help her to be a more positive person.

    Please read my Daily prayer above your post. You might even give it to her, if you want, if not: PRAY PRAY PRAY/

    aMEN, dANNY
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    I am so glad to "meet" you. Welcome to the board. I am sorry your friend is having such down days. Bitterness, usually comes from not forgiving and anger. So I pray now in Jesus Name that she will come to the knowledge of God, and receive the ability to forgive. I also pray that the Father will use your words and friendship to soften her heart and give you an outpouring of love for her.
    I put a post on the board a little while ago about negative thinkers. Maybe that will help some.
    I am glad you are here, and we will just keep praying that your friend will be delilvered from the negativity.
    Hugs to you.
  7. Shirl

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    Welcome to the Worship Board, always feels so good to have someone new join us.

    I will pray for your friend also, but I am more concerned with you than her.

    I also had a friend for 20 years or more, along the way she became very aggressive, negative, and sometimes downright ugly. I am also older than she is.

    We are both Christian's, which made the decision harder for me. But it got so bad that after speaking to her on the phone, I would be so stressed out, that I would go into a Flare (I have FM), pain in the back, chest, headaches etc.

    At times I could not even sleep after one of my 'bouts' with her. I was still hashing over in my 'mind' what the conversation (if you want to call it that) was about.

    I prayed about her and the whole situation, and finally came to the conclusion that I needed to get her out of my life.
    I was always feeling quilty because I am one of those people that will not take abuse from anyone, and by giving back what she was dishing out, I was forever being stressed out and asking for forgiveness for being angry!

    She has diabetes, and would never take care of herself properly, always eating the wrong food, etc.

    To her mind, I was not sick, I was not overweight, I did not have diabetes, my hair was not grey, I did not look sick, I could eat sweets (which I do not even like, or eat rarely), and so on and so forth.

    In other words, only she was sick, not me.

    Thats two years ago. She started a silly argument on the phone, and I hung up on her.
    I had warned her many times that if I ever hung up that phone , that she was never to call me back.

    She didn't, and I am very sorry about losing her for a friend. But my life, with the stress of her out of it is so much better now.

    I always pray for her health, her children, and her husband, but I can assure you I sin less not speaking to her, and my health is much better.

    There are times in our lives we have to make hard decisions, this was one in my life. I had prayed, but it seemed that it was not meant to be, there are times the Lord tells us 'no'.

    Sometimes the Lord moves us in different directions for His own purposes, and our own peace of mind.

    I will pray for your friend to change, and put her in the Lord's hands. I will also pray for you to see her through His eyes, and if you can be the one that is to help her turn her life around, then give God the Glory for it.

    I do pray that will be what happens, it was not for me to help my friend. We had to part ways.

    I learned that when you can't get along with someone, the best thing to do is put distance between you, then you can honestly pray for them.

    Shalom, Shirl

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