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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Wolftress, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. Wolftress

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    i just want to comment that i love this site and all the information on it :)...i was a member yrs ago on a site simular to this...and loved it was the only support i got at husband (soon to be x) just ingnored the fact i was sick ...he just called me lazy that im on my own im longing to have friends...i am glad i found this site :)
    I live in Port Angeles WA is on the Olympic Penninsula....about 2.5 hrs from really secluded here .... what i was wondering is there anyone around this area that would love to be like a email pal to me? i have Fibro, CFS, Attention Deficate, my list goes ...i would love a buddy so to speak that i could eventually pal around with.
    im overwhelmed by all the information ive been reading and to have someone hold my hand so to speak while im getting used to how fast this site goes ....would be so helpful
    im just rambling on

    take care
  2. jeanderek

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    Hi Wolftress,

    Welcome to the board. There are lots of us here who understand what your going through. It does get very lonely sometimes and sometimes you feel like your the only person in the world who must be feeling this way, let me assure you that your not. The people here are great and offer friendship as well as support for one another. I don't live in your area but I just wanted to say welcome and I hope that you find some relief soon and we are here for you. Best wishes

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  3. Sandyz

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    I like your name very much. I`m glad you joined us. I love this board too, I`d probably go crazy without it. There is little support anywhere else for us, hopefully that will change someday.
    I am 45 and have had Fm at least 15 years. I have 2 sons[12 and 7 yrs.] and a stepdaughter who is 20.
  4. Wolftress

    Wolftress New Member

    thank you so much for means the world to me
    i hope to gain lots of friends here :)
    ive had FM and CFS for 5yrs now...
    im takin one day at a time now days...ive just recently spoofed some docs with something that is happening to my lower thigh... a lump that is burning along with growing ...ugh! so off i go to get some more testings...i know everyone that lives with FM and CFS along with other chronic diseases....most all the tests seem to come back normal...then we are told that it is all in our heads...grrrr

    thanks again for your time and kindness
  5. evileva

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    Hey, we didn't have the same husband did we? lol I am currently separated from mine, soon to be divorced. I live in Arizona, and I also have the same things you do plus a few others. lol Anyway,welcome to the board.
  6. Shirl

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    Hi Wolftress, love your name! I am a big fan of wolves, I even adopted one.

    Glad you have found our board, I am sure you will find someone in or around your area for a pen pal. We have thousands of people on this site, there much be someone in your area.

    Sorry its not me, I am way down younder in Louisiana! But am also isolated, way out in the country (this is by choice), my husband works for an oil company, so is gone weeks at at time, and all my children are grown and on their own.
    So its me and my five fur Kids (dogs) and loads of wildlife that I dearly love! No wolves, but we do have coyotes that roam through my property, sometimes I sit upstairs and listen to them calling to one another. Its really a sad kind of sound, but I like to listen to them.

    Yes, the information really flows here, sometimes it seems none of us could keep up with it all! The board also has been moving very fast lately too.

    Well, glad you have found us, and I know you will find some friends here, we do have some great people on this board.

    You are in a beautiful area, it is surrounded by water and big cliffs isn't it? or am I thinking of the wrong place??

    Louisiana is low land, swampy, and damp and muggy, but it does have its beauty with wildlife and wild plants.

    Again welcome to the board, and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl