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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MoPat, Aug 3, 2003.

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    I just found this forum and wanted to say hello.

    I was diagnosed in 1992. I had an excellent doctor who seemed to know just what he was looking for and at, so I didn't have to suffer as a lot have done, with incredulous members of the medical profession.

    We moved from England to the USA in 1994 where I found another good doctor, although he thought CFS was FMS until he realised that it is that plus some! He tried everything he could think of, including sending me to someone doing Florinef trials. That "worked" for about three months, then I began to get worse until I was skin and bone and began to have convulsions. The Florinef doc. blamed me, saying I must have been over-exerting. My own doc. took me off that drug and we were back to square one.

    In 1996, I had a sudden and dramatic improvement and was fairly well until the last three months. Now I have experienced a crash ... quite majorly. The muscle pain is incredible and, for the first time in all these years, I am finding myself feeling quite alone with it and depressed about it. Amazing. It didn't get me this way the first time around, but I guess I am just scared of ending up back in that wheelchair after a few years of blessed liberation.

    I know many of you are suffering a lot worse than I am, but thanks for listening ... and thanks for having such a wonderful forum.

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    Hey there! Welcome to the board! These are the best people in the world that you could ever "meet". It sounds like it has been really tough on you this time around. How long has your flare been going on? So you have new symptoms or are they the same as last time>? Do you think you did anything special to make you go into remission before? What types of medications are you on? Are you still with that doc that is uneducated about FMS? If so, I would definatly recommend findind someone else FAST!! The most important thing is to get your symptoms under control. This board has alot af great suggestions. All you need to do is write a particular thing in the "message seach" area, and it will bring up hundreds of past posts about it. Also, it would be great if you could fill out your profile so we could get to know you better! I hope that you stick around!! Let us know if we can help!!

    Big Warm Hugs,
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    Welcome & I know you've had a rough time of it. This is a great place to find support. Welcome. dolsgirl
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    There is a unlimited amount of information on this board that can really help.

    I have had FM for many years but was always able to work through it. I would have flare ups and then I'd be fine for awhile. I think what happened to me was that as I got older I just couldn't handle the stress of the pain any longer. I had to finally quit working and file for disability. This is very hard to accept when you've worked all your life.

    I can understand how distressed you must be, to go so long without any problems, and then to have them come back with a bang. I hope you have a good support system to help with the depression and stress. I don't know if you live in a major city or not, but there are support groups out there that can help.

    Good luck and I hope to see you posting.

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    Thanks for the welcome messages!


    This flare began in May, when I had to push too hard to get some things done and has progressively worsened, all the way through my daughter's wedding in June, arriving back in the USA to find a room flooded from all the rain (as soon as we opened the door to the house, I could smell mould) and then the subsequent clean-up. Most of the symptoms are as before ... intense muscle pain in my legs, swollen glands, brain-fog , well, you . Well, you know the list. <G>

    >Do you think you did anything special to make you go into remission before?<

    Believe it or not, it was prayer. I attended a healing service and that was the last time I used my wheelchair. I regained my strength, my colour, the weight I had lost and although I still had some FMS trigger points if I pushed too hard, my activity level was almost what it had been before. I guess I got complacent! Still praying though. <S>

    >What types of medications are you on?<

    I've taken temazepam and doxepin for sleep since not long after I was diagnosed with CFS and it has worked reasonably well for me, except when I'm having a bad flare. I also take Zyrtec and Prilosec, for allergies and GERD. Gosh, I sound like my grandmother!!! My dr. prescribes NSAIDS from time to time, but that's about it.

    >Also, it would be great if you could fill out your profile so we could get to know you better!<

    Will do.

    Hugz backatcha



    My heart goes out to you. I know how hard it is to give up doing something you love and having to accept disability "retirement."

    >I hope you have a good support system to help with the depression and stress.<

    My hubbie is very good, but oddly this adds to the difficulty because I can see the pain and worry in his eyes and want to be able to tell him that I feel better ... but can't.

    Anway, thanks for the welcome and I will continue posting ...whether or not this flare comes to an end, because I did develop my own coping techniques during the first four years, that just might help someone else.

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    you had in your house. Just to let you know I had a huge problem with mold where I worked. It was after being around it for so long that I realized my flares were always after being off work for awhile and then going back to work and I would start feeling sick again. I had to quit work, after I left they tested our building and then shut it down because it was so full of mold. I could never prove it, but I most definitely believe that the mold is what kicked the Fibro into full gear. I had allergy testing done and it showed I was allergic to mold and yeasts.

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    Hi Dara

    First of all, sorry for the strike-out in my last message. I don't know how that happened.

    I think you are right about the mould. I was tested years ago and although they said I wasn't allergic, they did say I was sensitive to it. I haven't a clue what the difference meant. All I knew was that I felt really ill whenever there was any around.

    Okay, enough moaning. I've given myself until Friday, until when I can have a private pity-party, and then it's time to pick myself up, dust myself off and ... see what happens next. LOL