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    Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

    I"ve not been able to sign in for a couple days and its amazing all the posts i had to try to update myself on. I must say though, they have been very useful. All of the sharing keeps me hopeful and cautious! Thnx.

    I read a few things that sparked a few questions, Dar mentioned: "I've had painful difficulties with my collar bones and shoulder joints staying in place, as well as elbows, wrists and even toes." I had noticed a consistent pain in my collar bone and shoulder. Then after some time of having this pain, it now makes this cracking sound anytime its immobile for short periods on time. My toes, fingers elbows and knees also do the same thing. I've noticed though, it is worse when it is cold but i don't know if that's a factor.

    Lights, Noise and smell are also a nuisance to me, so my family keeps asking why I'm so irritable (since we're usually a happy bunch). I try to tolerate it, but it is usually too overbearing for me.

    I do want to share something that has helped for me particularly with the pains and headaches...Tumeric seems to make it bearable. I sometimes blend it and dilute it, then put it on the fridge and drink it as I do water. It doesnt taste unpleasant and it helps. Also as a tea, I take ginger and tumeric occasionally.

    Have a pleasant season everyone!

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    Dar, thinking about this thyroid issue and MEGA are walking around not supported due to those "NORMAL labs, forget them......Symtoms are what it is....

    Way back before labs, prior to 1976 or so all the good old time docs who KNEW about this thyroid, when patients came in with a laundry list of symptoms, these docs wrote scripts for Armour (been around for 100 yrs) some of Dr. Broda Barnes works..... today it's the normal mantra and the push to Syn....too bad as I see it. This is what my "old" D.O. did back in 2002, called in for Armour for me and I picked it up at pharm and depression lifted in 4 days..... Today it's labs and labs and labs and still people suffer....

    I don't think my folks were ever thyroid treated and they lived into 90's and I KNOW they could have used help.

    Hope you get better soon, I've never had the bronchtis stuff, this condition is not in my gene map....that I can see. Allergies/sinus yes, but grape seed ex has taken care of this for me.

    I'll be going to my daughter and her kids for homemade chicken soup....she is not a slave over the stove person and I'm not there any will be nice and easy and I'm taking a roasted chicken breast slices.... It gorgous here and into high 70's......too bad for me I can hardly walk any more, I'm feeling sorry for me that I never do, but darn darn darn......jam
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    Merry Christmas (belated) and Happy New Year (in advance)!


    You will find these forums full of helpful information from so many sources. Glad you chose to come aboard. You are right about the Turmeric. I take it, ginger, and a plethora of other supplements, vitamins, minerals and homeopathics. I only drink freshly brewed tea from fresh tea leaves purchased from a wonderful specialty shop in my area called "Oh Nuts". (How apropos)! I use honey harvested locally, less than 5 miles from my home. Much of what I do, and use, I discovered on my own. Much of what I do, and use, I discovered here in these forums from other sufferers. I have found Rhamadan a very insightful poster. It was his advice that connected some serious "pain relief" dots for me when I was in the worst "flare" I'd been in for over 5 years.

    When I was first diagnosed, and given my "life-sentence", I was directed to "groups". I was not really a "group" sort. I attended a group in the past for a very short span and found it not only lacking, but depressing, listening to people cry in their milk. (And do nothing but cry in their milk and discuss stretching and aroma-therapy). Mind you, these things have their place, but I felt that there had to be more.

    It wasn't until about a year ago I discovered this forum. I was impressed with the attitudes and intelligence levels of the individuals who post here. I was also impressed with the fact that yes, we all whine a little, which is highly acceptable, and finds an abundant outpouring of support. I was also impressed with the fact that it's not the only thing discussed. On "The Porch", we talk about family, books, recipes, daily life, everything from soup to nuts.

    I have found all the forums here most helpful. The research and sharing of helpful information with one another is a huge "boon". The total understanding that you don't find in family, friends, and the general public because they haven't the "ability" to understand. They've never "felt" what we feel. They've never experienced it. This helps one to feel like, "I'm not nuts, other people feel this"! "I'm not alone, other people deal with it"! How hugely "liberating"! Not only do the individuals here "get it", they are more informative, helpful, insightful, understanding, educated and educating than anywhere else I've searched. Hats off to all!

    A hint: Take the turmeric in combination with the ginger, cranberry tablets and cinnamon. I have found all of the above in capsule form, (watch additives and look for purest forms), due to my hectic schedule. You may also want to look into magnesium. Do a little online research.

    Have a Happy! :)
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    Hi Jam,

    It's okay to feel sorry for you once in a while. We all have those moments. Your daughter's chicken soup sounds so good right now. I'm through the worst end of the bronchitis. Made for a rather miserable Christmas. But, at least I got to spend it with family (enmasked). I envy you your 70's weather!

    We have a few odd genetic anomalies in my family. Thyroid is only one of them. (The number just increased as my oldest son informed me at Christmas he is newly diagnosed.) Hiatal Hernia---Grandmother, father, both his sisters, my sis, my bro and me (7 ), Heart Disease--All grandparents, both parents, both sibs and me (9) known, Diabetes---Mother, her sis, my sis, my bro, my daughter, my one son on his way, and I'm hypoglycemic (7), Cancer---Grandmother, father, sister, daughter (4) known. I have so many diseases to choose from! As it stands now, I already have the Hiatal Hernia, Thyroid, Heart Disease and am Hypoglycemic (which could flip at any time as my sis's did).

    The average age of death in my family is 72 or earlier. I figure, with luck, I got at least 12-13 years before something takes me down. (Be about my luck, it'll be a City Bus! :D LOL). I do take grapeseed extract, (It comes in my wine extract capsules--can't drink that glass of wine daily, YUK!) I'm out in the elements way too much, and I work in a "germ infested" environment. Health care is the best place to find ill health! o_O The good news is, I do not find all this depressing! Some might find my sense of humor about this on the morbid side.

    Having worked so long watching people live long past when there used to be quality in their lives, has made me fear not. I only fear living past the point where quality of life no longer exists. My POA has instructions that if I no longer recognize family or friends, or can no longer communicate---PULL THE PLUG! I figure each year that I enjoy quality of life is a year worth having lived. So I throw myself at life full tilt, look for answers to improve the quality of life I have, and relish each single day!

    Thanks for the well-wishes. They are always appreciated. Have a Happy New Year!