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    a couple days ago.i got this red.bump on my right.side..i now have a sore throut,my right side.f my throut is swollen,im very hot at.the.time.. I also.have this gross mucus thing and im always spitting.i tried to pop it and mostly blood came out, one time tho white stuff came out almost like a pimple but it kinda of made it worse.. ,my shoulder.blade.gose. Numb and my breath smells and ifu.look inrti my mouith on the tonsil I also battle meth.. Peopke just say its herpes but.ewww amd i have nerver had an std. Please tell me to. Fix it wirh out gong to.the.doc
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    I see you're a first time poster. ProHealth does not provide any doctors to try to diagnose you. It's best to get to a doctor or a health clinic because you have multiple things happening at once which may be attributable to meth or may be meth and illness. Many hugs.
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    Twocats is right. No doctors here. But you need help.

    If you don't have insurance, visit a govt. clinic or hospital. Or call city, county or
    state health depts.

    Good luck

  4. kathyrn

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    get off the meth-it will kill you. I am an RN, and I am not kidding.
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    pimple could be a boil (nasty from staff infection) if you have tonsils white stuff could also be staff not good only gets worse unless treated with meds, can get really bad, infectious (VERY easy to spread around), not std. if you're smoking meth the heat from the pipe will make it worse, a clinic can treat it and you should go. Dead is bad for your health