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    I have just read this article and am wondering if anyone here has tried this medication for FMS:

    -Use of ziprasidone in patients with Fibromyalgia: A case series.
    by EP Calandre, et al.

    A Dr. I had gone to a few years back had put me on this medication. My affects were the worst any medication had ever done to me. My anxiety/anxiousness level went sky high- right through the roof. Every muscle in my body was tight and hard as a rock. This particular Dr. was ine who was very "Dr. God" type. He would put down any Dr. I had seen or was seeing and in fact would tell me that a certain clinic was 10 yrs. behind in their Behavioral Health Dept., which was where I worked. Now that takes a lot of nerve.

    We all know anxiety can and does have physical affect on a body. This medication produced such extreme high anxiety that I would rate in the "killer-life threatening" range. My body could not have withstood this med for long. I think my heart would have blown up. With such extreme anxiety it totally changed my personality also. Now this may not happen to someone with schizophrenia which is what it is labeled and approved for. I know a Dr. can script meds. legally for off label use, but this has taught me to be careful with the tryout period.

    I have just tried Topomax for pain also and I can not continue with it. It has an awful affect regarding depression. I can't get myself to do anything. The old anger for this disability comes back, etc. I gave it 2 trys and now I am done. It hasn't helped with pain anyway and I have worked too hard to rid myself of these other psychological baggage that goes along with having a chronis illness/disability

    If anyone reads the ziprasidone article, brings it to their Dr.'s attention, and therefore deciding to give it a try I would really do it with caution and be aware of these affects. I realize we are all different, but usually if a side affect happens to one there are more people out ther who will experience the same thing. This extreme muscle tension adversely impacted all muscle pain also, as well as causing more.


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