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    I know that the worse type of diagnosis is self diagnosis.
    That said today I figured out that I have a good chance of having fibro. Now what?
    Do I just call my general practice doctor and ask him for a second opinion? (LOL)
    Actually I feel a little relived for years I have been telling people that loud noises hurt me, Beat me with a stick or yell at me it is the same thing. They told me I am nuts. From looking at a picture on the web I hurt at 16 of the 18 tender points. I thought everyone did. When my teen came home I poked her too. She said the points did not hurt. I just had my thyroid removed and was home surfing for vivid dreams. I am 42 and just had my first funny dream. For years it was a problem but with my thyroid removed my dreams have changed. Fibro kept popping up so I took a look at it, I was floored.
    So any way I have all the symptoms except the low blood pressure.
    Could someone explain brain fog? Is it memory? Some days my memory is good. Most days it is rotten. Some days I can remember how I feel about a person but have no clue what they look like or who they are. These would be business people in passing that I need to remember, people that I have only met once or twice.
    Some days I just feel retarded (Not offend anyone but I just do not know how to say it nice) It is like One day I just wake up and my iq is 50 points less. Other days I am a genius with quick recall. Is this brain fog?
    Where do I go from here?
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    What you describe sure sounds like brain Fog!! It's a lot of things but poor memory and feeling 'out of it' are part of it.
    For sure, I would talk to your Doctor and if he can't help, ask for a referral. In the meantime, read all you can. Education helps a lot. If you spend time here, you will meet a lot of great people who have lots of experience with this disease. Ask all the questions you want.
    I'm sorry that you are having these problems but you have made a positive step by coming here.

    Good Luck.
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    I agree and would get a rheumy to check you out. I was dx'd by PT and a pain specialist and at the time of the PT dx I didn't even know what FMS was back then.

    I started seeing articles about it and that was in 1996. I finally got on the Internet in 1997 and did a lot of searching to find out about it.

    The fog is like one night you can't remember what you had for dinner the other night and I find it severe with trying to remember people's names. It gets embarrassing asking someone what their name is several times and yet still not being able to remember it.

    Now that I know more about FM, I realize I had it earlier than 1995, back in the early 1990's.

    Some pain specialists do not believe in FM and/or don't believe in pain meds, so you need to watch yourself there. I'm lucky that I get all my meds from my family doc. The rheumy on our insurance is crappy I have heard, so I have never seen a rheumy.

    Hope you will feel better.

  4. onemorml

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    wow that was scary. I just read all the posts on brain fog.
    And that is so me. Occasionally I shudder because I can’t remember the next word. My family and friends play a guessing game where I say the words around the one I want to say. Similar ones and they try to guess what I am saying. Sometimes it is funny like when the words seem unrelated. I may mean to say a car brand and in frustration I may blurt out, you know the big green thing.
    I lost a job once due to brain fog. I lost the work keys To a fast food place. I think I tossed them out, right before the dump truck came. They said the oddest thing. Normally we would change all the locks and it would come out of your pay, but we know how you are. We can’t fire you but you have 6 weeks to find a new job. You may go to interviews during your shifts.
    Pretty sad.
    Names are useless; people take that as an insult.
    I hide things from myself, was tested for multiple personalities for that one, almost lost another job when I lost a million names on real to ten reel to reel tapes, It took me a week to find them. For some reason I stuck a major job under a filler job.
    I can not figure out which burner to turn on the stove to heat the right pot. But I can look at most engineering diagrams and tell you were the mistakes were.
    I can remember stupid facts but can't remember my moms birthday month.
    Until the last few months I though this was just how most people really are. I jokingly tell people I am the youngest 80 years old they know. I am only 42 and get lost sometimes also.

    Do you guys get operated on a lot?

    Thanks for the advice and the warm welcome.

  5. onemorml

    onemorml New Member

    Went to my Gp and he did give me a referral. I am waiting for them to call me.
    My gp called it a garbage pail diagnosis. But he did say that he has several patients with it.
    Those who focus on the illness get worse, those that focuses on eating well and light exercise get better.
    He said I don’t really need a diagnosis. Just take care of my self and get better. I know he is part right.
    But I also know I need to learn a little about this. I always wondered how a light work out such as walking stopped my hands from hurting. After all you’re not ever moving your thumbs, or back of your head while walking. Having fibro beats thinking I am nuts.
    I now understand the flair up idea a little better. I wondered why that beat with a stick feeling seemed to come and go.
    Thank you.