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  1. sixtyslady

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    hi everybody.
    so far i"ve found this site to be uplifting it really helps when you know that all these strange things going on in our bodies are not just in our heads. I could"t believe how many others have the electric shock feelings.well my new bed came and my husband is going to assemble it
    tomorrow so I will let you know how it works out next week.
    I was very sick a couple of weeks ago so I slept in our guess bed, I was amazed how much different I felt. I didn"t wake up with my neck and head feeling all numb and I notice I was less dizzy in the day time but still have a bit of trouble with my right arm. so we reseached beds and ordered a new one hope it works out. have a good week end.
  2. claudiaw

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    What type of bed?
    I got a memory foam topper ( couldn't afford the whole bed:)and I love it.
    Hope you love your new bed.
  3. Jane_Canuck

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    How exciting!

    I love a new bed! We have to get new materesses here ours are littereally falling apart!

    Let us know what you have and how it is working for you.

    We have tried the memory foam and hate them. I am 230 pounds and hubby is over 300. They fold up like tacos on us and we can not move!

    Memory foam is for the skinny lol.

    I actually found my materess fraying and so out of form it was scary! We flip it all the time but man looks like 2 polar bears nested for winter! lol

    Have a good weekend!
  4. claudiaw

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    You made me laugh, thanks I needed that!:)
  5. SusanEU

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    I just ordered a new bed, an adjustable one and it is coming in a couple of weeks - couldn't really afford it - but needed it.

    I, too, slept in my guest room for a few nights and had a much better sleep without so much numbness in my arms and shoulders.

    Let us know how your new bed works out!!

    Sue in Ontario
  6. NyroFan

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    Sounds good. I am in the market, too and will mark down your info.