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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sixtyslady, Mar 12, 2006.

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    hi everybody.
    just wanted to know if anybody has a sleep no bed just got mine and i woke up with alot of stiffness this morning.but my neck and arms felt much better the right side of my face wasn"t a sleep this morning and thats what I was hoping for.because if I can control my neck from hurting then I'm not so dizzy the next day. I found this out by accident when I had to sleep in our guest bed.before that I was so dizzy and off balance that I had to hang on to things just to walk.well anyhow I"m going to give this new bed a week and see how I do. sixtyslady
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    That is all you can do: test it out. If you decide against it, send it the heck back. It really important that we all get a good night's sleep and awake, as my doctor would say:
    feeling refreshed. Good luck with the bed. Trial and error.
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    I just got my sn bed about a week ago. I mainly got it because I hated the bed I had and felt that I should go for "the best"...because the docs say sleep is most important. I put a message on the board about it. I did feel a little stiff but over all I have liked it. I think it takes about a week or two to find what number is best. I thought that I would like the highest number but it turns out that 65 is good for me. The best thing really is that I cant feel my wife wiggling around and waking me up.