New Blood Testing Labs (Theranos)

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    This could be BIG, for people to go to Walgreens and order labs on particular issues they would like without going to an MD to get approval, go to labs, have blood drawn in doc's office as we do now, all these visits costing more money and insurance money and copays, etc.....

    Like right now I'd like to know my Vit D level as I've upped my dosing since last Sept labs, and also DHEA and potassium levels as doc forgot to do these last Sept....but I'm not going to my doc right now just for these blood draws and spend more money, etc....

    Again, I'm not sure how this will all work, if a person can just go to a Walgreens for tests they want done or do they have to see a doc first.....not sure on this....I keep all my lab reports so I know how to read all my tests and compare, etc.... Again, this could be BIG for so many with limited funds and limited time to do it all......

    For prices etc.. click here:
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