new bloodwork back today, really confused

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    I know that there is alot of controversy on this site about the link between FMS and Lyme disease, but I have a question for everyone. Last week I had yet another blood test done. This time it was for Mono, but he also decided to check for other viral infections as well. In just the past year and a half I have been diagnosed with FMS and Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome. This morning my bloodwork came back with everything normal as usual, except that the blood work showed that I had been exposed to CNB. I believe it is a type of Lyme Disease. They said that the bloodwork shows I have the antibodies Which means that I have been exposed to it, but that I dont have the infection, yet when I looked up CNB online I found out that it has all the symptoms of FMS and Mitral Valve Prolapse, plus alot of the symptoms that I have been having that no one else with FMS or Fibromyalgia have been having (like just my right foot getting really warm like I dipped it in a bowl of warm water) and now I am wondering if this is what I have had all along and was just misdiagnosed. The problem is that my doctor says that the blood work showed I didnt have the infection just the antibodies. I have no idea what that means, but do any of you have any ideas. Nothing has worked so far and I still keep feeling like I am getting worse every day, not better.
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    oops. I meant to put the thanks here. LOL. Boy am I losing it.
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    Sorry, but what is CNB? I looked it up and can only come up with Core Needle Biopsy or Colonial National Bank?

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    CNB is a diagnosis and not a lab test; it's chronic neuroborreliosis. That would be diagnosed after having a positive culture for Lyme from CSF (cerebral-spinal fluid), along with other symptoms; but that would be Lyme disease in more of an advanced stage where it's in the nervous system.

    The doctor's office told you that you had the antibodies to Lyme disease, which means that you had been exposed to the virus and developed antibodies to it. Tests for Lyme are difficult to come by. Cultures take a long time, and other types of tests are very difficult to define.

    It could be that you did have Lyme disease but never had the type of symptoms that required you to see a doctor. The types things that you are experiencing with the MVP (mitral valve prolapse)wouldn't be a result from having Lyme disease. MVP has more to do with problems of the autonomic nervous system.

    Do you have the initials of the test right?

    Hope this helps. Warm wishes,

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    I believe I have the initials right because the nurse said that it was another type of tick borne disease.