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    Hi! I am new to this board and am very interested in support of this type. My story has been 6 years of being dx with carpal tunnell, degnerative disk disease, fibromyalgia, possible MS (only to be told after 3 neuro visits this is not possible). The pain has been very bad and now walking alone is just a chore. From what I have gathered in my area, FMS is not very well known or doctors don't understand the disease. I have had tests for all autoimmune diseases along with nerve conduction studies, MRI's and enough blood drawn to transfuse a number of human beings so now I am told FMS. To be bounced back and forth from doctor to doctor is rough and when brain MRI shows 21 lesions but scattered and no explanation although traveling for hours to get a dx is very irritating. I hope some of you wiull share with me your experiences and the symptoms you are having. Thank you so much!
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    Hi and welcome aboard I'm a new member to but have been symptomatic for quite some time probably two to three years it was only this past year that the symptoms got to the point where I could not ignore them. I have two decent doctors well educated and my osteopathic Internist is very open minded. Ithink you will find lots of support and good info on this site, nice people too. Again welcome and keep us informed of how you are doing we are here for each other and to help ourselves.

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    I have FM, diagnosed in Oct. 2000. Still searching for things that will make me feel better. I find this board to be very helpful...people here are supportive, friendly, and knowledgable (sp?). For me it's been a Godsend. Hope you find what you are looking for.
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    Bump: New person needs more responses:

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    I have FM and CFIDS along with other problems. I see a Rheumy once a month. Do you currently see a Rheumy? My opinion is a Rheumy is the best to treat FM and CFIDS.

    As far as experiences, the Rheumy I see now is great. I had seen another one prior to him ad she just made it sound like it was all in my head. That was a very bad experience.

    I have practically every symptom. Let me put it this way, my Rheumy said that I am the worst case of FM he has ever seen. Ugh!

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    and welcome.

    I'm fairly new to this DD and the board-been here since last November but I can tell you these guys are wonderful. They have helped me sooooo much and answered so many questions. Just hope I get to the point one of these days that I can answer instead of always asking. lol.

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    If you do a web search fo Devin's Diagnostic or "Fibromyalgia Advocate" by Devin Starlanyl You will find about a hundred symptoms. I unfortunately have had at least 95 of those but, not all at once thank God. If you have any questions we will all try to help. :)

    God Bless,
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    I hope I am replying to everyone as this is new to me. Thanks so much for all the responses back and the support.

    I haven't been to a rheumy yet as we have only two in our town and my dr tried referring me to one of them but he would not see me without a definite dx of something. Therefore, I was referred to only neurologists. I go back in a couple of weeks and will push for a rheumy appt. I take neurontin (800 mg a day) for pain, flexiril for muscles at nite and tynelo pm (sp). None of the vioxx, celebrex, mobic, ultram, etc. did anyhting to relief the pain. Excuse my type o's as my fingers do not work as they should and the right hand is almost gone with lack of mobility and strength.

    Thank all of you again!