New body needed thisone does not work right has pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Dec 21, 2005.

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    I am so so tired that I have decicded that I need a new body as this one just is not working out the way it should.

    Since the fibro arrived, I can fall alseep at the drop of a hat except when I should be going to bed and then I wake up every few whours in pain.

    I went to lunch today with friend I used to work with it was really nice to visit with her and to eat some nice chineise food. But when I tried to stand up my left calf was not moving it was not even trying as it was tyied up in a knot and wouldnot even let me limp along to leave. I really looked rather silly as I limped out of the restruant holding on to each table and booth as I tried to make that left leg work right.

    So if you can find me a body shop I need everal parts replaced as they have gotten old and have been missed used . I have gained wieght and have not exercised when i should and now my body has ganged up on me and it tells me that It is not going to work anymore, it is tired and needs to rest more often.

    The pain from the degenerative disc diease and spinal stenosis, fibro and the CMP are all causing more pain than this old body can cope with so it seems to not be working right anymore, I walk like a duck and there are times when I have leg cramps and my legs won't more. So having discovered that my body needs so much repairing I have decided that I should just find a good body shop and we can Jack up my glasses and replace everything else., So I will not be in pain .
    I need the faulty parts of my body replaced like the back problmes just give me a new back one with a good warrenty so that it will not fail for many years. I will even have checkups and changes so that the pain will not reappair, I want a new body that has no pain in it anda no fibro, no cmp and NO degenerative disc diease or teh rest of the problmes that this current body has. I want a newer model one that will not fall apart any time soon. I am tired of this body that does not work and has pain all day long.

    So I am looking for a good body shop and I really need a overhaul remove the bad parts and replace them with new ones that will work for ever.. I want to wake up and feel all new and rested and able to work and do the things I can't do now.

    So my friends if you should hear of such a shop please let me know. I really would like it to be true.
    That I could really have a body shops for MY BODY One who would fix all the aches and pains that I suffer with now but alas I am afraid that there are no such thing as a human body shop that can do the kind of work I need just tucks and pulls will not help me with the pain and fatique. so having my fat sucked out will not help me to feel better, it would only case more pain for me.

    How Iwish it were true a body shop that would fix my aching back, deterating discs, knees taht don't work I just want them removed and to have the whole body fixed and to have the fibro taken away as well as all teh rest of my pain.

    Yes I know that there are no body shops for me. WE don't have the kind of shop I need nips and tucks won't help me much and the things I need fixed and gone can't be fixed in any body shop.

    I really do wish that sometimes we were like a car and we could talk it in and get all the old parts that are slow and sluggish repalced and new ones put in, I would like to have the parts that don't work all fixed and there would not be any pain involved with it. I know that there are no such thing as a human body shop that will bix what I need fixed . So untill then I be back to complain that the body I have does not work right and it causees me pain as I walk and move it leaves me so tired after I have gone out.
    And I am so tired and hurting too much you see. So I guess since I don't have a human body shop to fix the fibro and CMP and the rest of the pains I have each day. I will rest a while & take a pain pill to ease the pain for a short while.

    But wouldn't it be nice to have such a body shop that would remove that darned old fibro and the Chronic meyofacial Pain syndorme too , and it would fix the apins I have in my back and may be a new onne and it would not make me hurt worse to have it fixed and replaced.

    What I really want will never be, as there is no such thing as a humman body shop that does not make yopu hurt when things are fixed. I want the impossiable to happen to be cured adn not have the dd and to have it gone from me , will it happen no I don't think it will so untill they can find something tthat takes that fibro and the rest of the chronic pain away with out causeing new pain s for me I will just live with the pains that I have , the ones i am used to having and I am stuck with.

    During the time since i learened that I had fibro and the CMp I know what they do to me the pain each causes adn the fatique too so i am stuck with it all and there is not any knot of shop to fix it me at all.

    I know what is real and what is not but it is fun to wish for a body shop that could fix us all and new we would all be but it is not in our reality.

    So I am going to rest now as I did go to lunch and now my body feels it needs to rest so that I cna do all that I need to do later on today. I still have presants to wrap and a bed to bemade after I wash the sheets there is far to much to do. But I don't have a choice I need to get it all done. So I stop whinning and complaing about how bad I am aching. thanks for listenning to me whine I try not to be such a boob next time and not complain about the pain as I know I am not alone in this .
    Thanks for putting up with me.

    Gentle HUgs to all,
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    i too feel like i could use a new body! keep smileing looks like we will be waiting a long time for that.
    hope your feeling better...connie

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