New Book Anyone Read About it?

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by vivian53, May 13, 2009.

  1. vivian53

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    Hi Folks. Just wanted to post that I have ordered a new book on Amazon (told you that "one click buy" method has got me spending). It is called Fingerprints of God:The Search for the Science of Spirituality.

    I am still working on my Buddhism for Beginners and enjoy that a lot.

    I am praying daily (yes, me!) for everyone on the board and hope that peace and wellness is in your lives.

    I am too busy to post much. Well since I am talking to you all I can be more honest and add that I am in physical and emotional pain and dog tired to boot.

  2. bigmama2

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    that book sounds interesting!!

    gentle hugs to you,
  3. vivian53

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    I am doing ok. I understand about the reading situation. You are very comfortable with your spirituality. I'll give you a brief report if I think you might like it.

    Rain and Wayne (sounds like a country singing duo ) are wise folks. I have learned a lot from them also. In fact I am still trying to grasp some of it.

    I hope you treated yourself to a movie. I've been threatening the same thing but have let many good ones pass me by. I want to see Angels and Demons. I liked the book, love Tom Hanks, and it looks really entertaining. Sometimes I like the whole theater atmosphere; from the smell of popcorn ,to the big screen, and the sticky floors.

    take care too