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    There's a new book out on Lyme called "The Lyme Disease Solution" by Kenneth Singleton, MD, MPH. You can go to to learn more about him and his new book. You can preview the book at the website, too.

    He has suffered from lyme disease himself, and has "recovered", but doesn't use the word "cured". The book can be purchased at his website.

    The website says:
    Integrating Lyme Literate Medical Principals with Natural Remedies and Alternative Therapies

    Lyme disease is an infection that results from a tick bite. It has become the number one vector-borne disease in the United States . The CDC states that while over 20,000 cases are reported annually, the actual number is likely 10 times greater. Most doctors on the frontlines of Lyme clinical care believe the actual number is more like 25 times the CDC's reported case number. It is rare to meet a person who doesn't know someone who has had Lyme disease or is currently suffering from the effects of this disease.

    It is called the new great imitator because of its ability to look like so many other diseases and conditions. Often misdiagnosed when the classic “bull's eye rash” is absent or the unreliable blood test is negative, Lyme is taking its toll in terms of human misery in the United States and many other countries. When Lyme is combined with other tick-borne infections, it becomes especially problematic.

    On this site, you will be kept informed about changing medical information relevant to you as part of the Lyme community. You will be able to learn the latest about effective therapies from Dr. Singleton, who is a Lyme-recovered physician who has been practicing Lyme medicine for over 10 years.

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    Thanks for the info. What is his website?
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    The website for Kenneth B. Singleton, MD, MPH is
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    I just noticed it's also available on amazon with free shipping.
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    a portion of your purchase can contribute to a lyme network if you purchase via the site.

    on the left side of the screen is a place to click that will take you to amazon.

    you do not have to log in to lymenet to access amazon through them.

    I'm not affilitated with any proceeds in any way -- i just noticed the link.