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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wildcatinky, May 25, 2003.

  1. wildcatinky

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    Hello, I am new here and after reading posts for the past few weeks I have found there to be many kind and caring people out there. It is great to know there are people here who understand and feel the same things I have gone through the past 10 years.
    As with many of you I have gone through many doctors and countless medications. I have finally found a great pain clinic in my area, and the doctor I see is a God send. We opted for the Duragesic patches (25micros/72 hrs). This is mainly because after 10 years of anti-inflamatories and pain meds with tylenol my stomach is chewed up, and my liver enzymes were way out of whack. (Whack?) Well anyway, my question is this, I understand the Duragesic patches are most likely to cause physical dependence. I am having such good luck with them that I really don't care, should I? I know I had to be dependent on the hydocodone and the oxycodone I have taken over the years. I had a few days of nausea but I would take a Dramimine and it would pass. Now there is no nausea at all. Along with Paxil CR and Protonik once a day, I am almost able to do many of the things I haven't been able to enjoy for years. Mainly trying to keep up with my 15 y/o daughter and her many sports activities.
    Thank you , it is great to be here!

  2. Princessraye

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    Another wildcat fan here :)

    I too am dependant on narcotic pain medicine but I figure what is my choice? If I don't take them I cannot move and certainly could not work. If we ever have to get off this stuff then we can deal with it then. Glad the duragesic is helping you.

    Welcome to the boards
  3. Shirl

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    Hi Tim, glad to have you join us. Lots of knowledge around here on these diseases.

    I see you have already gotten answers to your question.

    Good to know you have an understanding doctor, that is a plus for any of us with FM/CFS people.

    Hope we hear from you often, again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. Gran9

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    Hi, and welcome! I'm also new here but I have gotten so much info in the last couple of months. I'm sure you'll find a lot of help. I can't help with the pain management - I have CFS not FM and only a few aches and pains (thank heavens) but I'd say whatever feels good, go with it even tho the patches are habit forming I've heard. Good Luck
  5. MemoryLane

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    I know there are some guys here who will be glad to see you. They feel outnumbered by all the ladies. So glad, too, that you found us and I hope you will jump in and post often.

    Wishing us all well,
  6. kar1953

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    Just wanted to say hi & welcome. You certainly will find many very knowledgable people here. This board has been such a big help to me since I found my way here.

    Hope to see you again sometime!

    Take care........Kathi
  7. kgg

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    you do what you have to do to function and have a qualtiy of life. I don't have a lot of pain, but don't sleep well. So, I take what I need to so I can function. I am happy for you that you found something that works.

  8. PaulMark

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    hi tim i'm 30 miles east of paducah and have had cfids for 5 yrs dx by cheney in asheville NC last 2 yrs. dev. fms too but many immune dys. flu like disregluation symptoms veyr severe bedridden a lot

    where are you in KY lex????

    write if you like i'll lend whatever i've learned,

    paul mark

  9. jwock

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    I'm in Louisville. Sorry that you have to deal with all the fibro stuff, too. If the patches work, then I wouldn't worry about becoming dependent. Better to have a higher quality of life with them then no quality of life without them.

    Check out the menwithfibro site. It's a good one, too.