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    Hi my name is Julie 28, i am married mom to four children two girls 11-6 two boys 3-4. 1 puppy 10month and two kittens 3months.

    I was just recently diagnosed wuth FM about 3-4 weeks ago.Although 2 years ago i was diagnosed with myofascial. And when the Dr. found out i was having MRI and other tests done he told me to come back when i was ready to deal with the disease aspect of it.

    3 years latter, and 50+ doctors and multiple MRI bone scans and blood work. A nuroligist diagnosed me.Now i am in need of a Dr. that knows about FM. we just moved to where we live now about 5 months ago.

    Oh man was i so relieved that all theses things going on with me for the last three years, were not all in my head.

    I wasnt going to ever post , just snoop, being i have 4 kids and so much responsibility. But sometimes there is things that i wanted to respond to but wanted to introduce myself first.

    Please please please do not get offended if i dont read or respond to alot as i have alot of responsibiltys and trying to learn and live with FM.

    I just read your posts and i can so understand and relate, so i wanted to get involved.Thank you for you time.
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    I bet you are a very busy lady.This board is a lifesaver!
    Good luck and I'm glad you got your answers.
    Take care,
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    blessed mother:

    So snoop and read. Nothing wrong with it. It is really an education.

    Post when you can.

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    Welcome, and do whatever helps you the most!

  5. blessedmom2four

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  6. tandy

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    Just wanted to welcome you here~
    Busy here too. I think alot of us are juggling many things on top of being ill.
    I was DX about 12 yrs ago when I had small babys.
    Now they're older. The yougest being 9 yrs old.
    It sounds horrible but I found it so rough trying to raise lil ones with FM (and other diseases) that I could'nt wait for them to get bigger.
    So I understand how hard it is for you.
    Do you work outside the home also?
    Just saying hi,.... and I hope this board helps you deal better with FM.
    Good luck~
  7. blessedmom2four

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    Thank you for all the warm welcomes, i dont work outside the home as of yet in the next year when all the kids are in school i am supposed to go back to work so we can afford the private school for 4 kids, i am just praying as i work on changing my diet and excersice and supplements i will feel better, and have more good days then glad i found this board
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    Well hello fellow married mom of four!!!! I am too! Only I have four girls :(

    This is hard to deal with and still keep up with kids! I understand that completely! My kids still dont quite get it most of time, and just think I am lazy sorta!! LOL

    Used to take kids hiking and played sports with them, now, pretty much lay on couch and suffer! I feel old, older than I really am!! HATE THAT FEELING!

    Nice to meet you!

  9. dleaning

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    Welcome to our world!!! I am a mother of 2 boys, 14 and 7 yrs., not quite the handful that you have!! How do you do it?? My sister has 4 kids 2 boys, 2 girls!!!

    Yes, this site is wonderful with a lot of wonderful, understanding, kind and caring people who make you feel at home!

    Hope you have a great nite!!

  10. kholmes

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    Feel free to "lurk" all you want. Sometimes it takes too much energy to post!

    This is a pretty unique and wonderful community of people on the Web, I think, and there is a lot of useful information.