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    I posted this in a different forum first but I think this one is where I should have put it so apologies

    I'm quite new to the forum. I have been a bit of a lurker before lucking up the courage to post.
    I have strange symtoms on and off when it comes to eating. I wouldn't say I have trouble swallowing as such but I am very aware of the sensation of the food going down. I get a lot of catarrh in my throat (presumable the post nasal drip) and downtime so feel like I have a ball type lump sitting in my chest. I have had cfs for 12 years and it tends to flare up for a few weeks or months at a time. This eating thing is very weird though. It also seems linked to stress and anxiety, this symptom comes and goes and sometimes I don't even think about it when I eat but at the moment it's really noticeable.
    I also have quite a bit of chest pain in my ribs especially around my xythoid process and middle of my breastbone. I am never sick or get any reflux.

    Any advice much appreciated

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