New calcium channel for deep sleep discovered

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    Indeed it is. Cav3.1 is a voltage gated calcium channel.
    The Cav3.1 channel behaves/functions differently depending on which tissue it is functioning. Most research has been done on heart tissue Cav3.1

    The thalamic Cav3.1 channel is involved in blocking out external stimuli during later stages of sleep.
    People with FM have this channel not working properly. It hasn't yet been identified as a genetic polymorphistic reason but I suspect it is. This is why people with FM have their sleep interrupted just before deep sleep. Some people with FM wake up every 90 minutes (ie one sleep cycle). This helps to promote pain.

    This has been known for some time now. eg.

    The problem is what we can do about it. I don't know! Of course you cannot just take extra calcium.
    Gabapentin (Neurontin) has been tried as it has an effect on these channels but without enough success to use it widely. Certainly some people with FM do benefit from using gabapentin and maybe these people have a particular type of FM.
    Some reverse agonists have been developed from the b-adrenergic system but not much joy yet.