New cat came home with me last night.........

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    Hi, as some of you know from my posts I lost a dear friend a month ago, my cat Daffney. My other cats were looking to me for fun since Daffney was the game starter. I really can't play with them 24 hours a day like they want. So on a trip to my husbands mothers we brought home a 4yr old cat that attached herself to us! She is Daffney's older sister from a previous litter so she is related to my cat Leo. They all had the same mommy. She just loves it here. She is used to alot of cats being around so she isn't scared of my two and just loves the attention she is getting. She sure has brightened my day and is keeping me busy and not thinking about my pain.

    All of that is great but I caught a cold from my neice and nephew. Arrg. I hate being sick and it is 100 times worse with the FM/CFS. I guess all of you with CFS know that your immune system can become quite tired and you catch any cold in a 5 mile radius. Luckly I have no plans for the next few days so I can rest up.

    Thank you for all your advice, especially on advising me to get another cat! She is surely keeping my two boy cats busy so I can get some she is so affectionate you just melt and fall in love with her!!!

    I feel so much better with your help,
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    Hello, Kristen,

    I was new here yesterday. So I guess I am still new....

    This is very exciting about your new cat. I have one cat. Her name is Munchie. She's a black tortoise shell. Moody, like me. Today more than ever, she wanted to play, play, play. All day, and fast and furiously. I just was not into it. I wish I could get another cat for her. I wanted to play, too, but not kitty play. I wanted to play Yahtzee!! So I found a place to get a Yahtzee for $5.99 and went and bought it, and took it over to a friend's and we played it!! Now I feel tons better.

    But, back to cats. I agree completely that we need as many cats as possible! I only have one. Last week, I was kinda wondering if maybe my therapist could prescribe a second kitty. Slim chance, but maybe. Also I don't know how I can afford a second cat. But I'm so tired, and depressed, I just think two funny cats would really cheer me up!!!!!

    The landlord only allows ONE cat. Isn't this CRUEL???!!!!

    But I will discuss it with my therp on Wednesday anyway. O think if he prescribes it as an accommodation, the landlord will have to let me have a second cat. Ohhhh, the things we get away with if we are on Social Security. Ha ha ha hah. I have a small trust, and it's for these things that it is designed: a "special needs trust" for disabled people. So I will let it help out with kitty costs.

    Which is a great kind of trust to have, by the way, and avoids losing benefits if you are on Social Security. Fully legal. The Disability workers are all very familiar with these "irrevocable trusts." Once you use the words "irrevocable trust," they give you no flak. They have a copy of my trust in my file. My trust is through Arc. It can be through a family member or a non-profit organization which will handle it. Check with your local Arc. If you have any extra cash -- such as a balloon payment from Social Security when you first receive benefits; or an inheritance or family give; sale of a piece of property, etc. or sale of any other large item, this could be the place to put the money. You'll want to know much more about the trust before you decide. I really love mine. I use it strictly for emergencies, and for retirement.

    Anyway, back to Munchie -- finally this afternoon, I took her outside in the cold -- much to her displeasure -- and put her down on the grass and then walked fast around the yard dragging her favorite rope. It was so much fun for me!! Much more fun than walking fast from one end of my tiny, convoluted, messy apt. to the other. And Munch got much more exercise, when she forgot that her little toesies were cold.

    But pretty soon she ran back up the wooden steps (23 of them) and refused to come back down.

    Still, that was great progress. She likes it outside in the summer. But it is so good for my depression to come out, she's just going to have to help both of us out, if she wants to play, right, Kristen?


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    I've been lonely without a cat or two around and after reading your lovely story I'm going to get me a kitty again. All I have to play with is a grouchy hubby and having a cat again would bring me some badly needed fun and joy into my dreary world of pain and sadness from this DD. Sorry about losing your cat. I also lost a cat I loved to some DD for cats some years back and never had the heart to get another one but I think it's time now. So glad you were able to get another cat from same litter and that you are so happy with her. I know it's hard paying for their food and needs but all worth it if they give you just a few happy hours.
    Thanks and blessings to you and your kitties!!
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    I love cats too... I have two....!!!! COngratulations new "mamacat" !!!!!
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    I'm glad you have a new cat! Don't know what I'd do without my two, Wendy & Gracie---they are usually just what I need when I'm feeling at my lowest....that unconditional love! And I think cats are a perfect pet for us...enjoy your new family member!