New cfs clinical trial in San Francisco Bay Area

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    Hi, all.

    I want to tell you about a new treatment study for chronic fatigue syndrome that is available to patients in the San Francisco Bay Area, or to those able to travel to this area. It was announced today.

    The study is being conducted by Dr. Jon D. Kaiser, M.D., who practices in Mill Valley, CA, and who is the CEO and Medical Director of K-PAX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Dr. Kaiser has extensive past experience in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, and is currently specializing in chronic fatigue syndrome.

    In order to participate in this study, patients will need to be able to visit Dr. Kaiser’s office once. His office is located 30 minutes north of San Francisco. In the office visit, a patient will be screened to determine whether she/he satisfies the criteria for the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. Conditions that may exclude a person from this trial are significant fibromyalgia, a history of heart disease, uncontrolled high blood pressure, major depression, or ulcer disease.

    The treatment will last for one month. It will consist of “a low dosage of a currently available medication with a potent nutrient-antioxidant cocktail that boosts immune function to provide CFS patients with a healthy and balanced increase in their energy level.”

    According to Dr. Kaiser, the rationale for this combination is “By pharmacologically boosting central nervous system signaling from the brain, plus concurrently enhancing mitochondrial energy production with potent micronutrients, it is possible to initiate a reintegration of the neuro-endocrine-immune axis, providing CFS patients with an improved quality of life and the potential for complete cure.”

    The office visit and the nutritional supplement for the study will be provided free of charge. This will be an open-label clinical study with no placebo group, so everyone who is selected to participate will receive the actual treatment.

    Dr. Kaiser reports that this treatment “has already shown promise in a significant number of CFS patients.”

    There will be an opportunity to continue this treatment beyond one month if a patient experiences benefit and desires to continue.

    (I am not financially associated with Dr. Kaiser or with K-PAX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) For more information or to enroll in the trial, please email Anne Lahaderne at or call her at (415) 381-7655.

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    Thanks for posting this. It looks interesting, but I live too far away.

    I did take the K-Pax vitamins (or its equivalent) some time ago and unfortunately noticed no difference. But obviously I was not taking whatever pharmaceutical agent they will be trying. I know they use the KPax products with AIDS patients.

    Hopefully someone here will give it a go -

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