New CFS info released today.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bambi, Apr 20, 2006.

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    I read a report about it on MSNBC's site and what I got from it was that some people (mostly women of course) are affected more by stress, conflict and other stresses and get CFS. They made comment again on how many doctors feel it is an ailment mostly of women who are neurotic blah, blah, blah. It wall seems to go back to the old psco causes and that there seems to be a genetic link as to how people relate to stressors. I wouldn't call it very helpful or encouraging as far as treatment goes.

    When will this attitude change? I don't have CFS but they are now saying my daughter probably has it in addition to her FMS. She's TIRED all the time, but she is also working full time with inadequately treated pain in my opinion.
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    I'm new here but I'm going to jump right in. I've had FM since before they wrote about it. When I was diagnosed I was doing well if I could find one sentence and it would be in a discussion of CFS. Now, thank goodness, there is more interest in FM. I was so relieved to find out was wrong with me. After all the test that showed nothing and all the doctors telling me "Honey, you really are alright", I was beginning to wonder if I was crazy, or lazy or what.

    I have decided that if I have to live with this, I can at least try to raise the awareness of other people. There are still people that have never heard of FM... Most seem to know of CFS. But I put it right out there. I didn't "catch" this, and I want people to understand about it. I have two DD that have it also. (I have 3 DD and 1 DS) I have also found that by sharing this with other people, I have been able to support others that have it and are afraid to tell.

    And by being up front with the people that I come in contact with, I have been treated with respect. They understand that I do what I can... and often more... and what I can't do they understand why. Often it is my friends that try to see that I don't over do.

  3. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Thanks for this info.

    I'm going to the MSNTV site and will write a letter to them asking them to please do a fair and balanced report about FM and CFS. I will ask them to interview Dr. David Bell and Dr. Paul Cheney.

    If we all do this, maybe "Awareness Day" won't be such a bust!


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