new cfs study and your treatment regimen

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    in light of the new info we have on cfs ( that's it's largely a problem with the HPA axis), is anyone modifying the herbs, vitamins or other 'alternative' type treatments they use? For example, I would think there's not much point in going after supposed candida and stuff like that.... I was wondering if I should take licorice root, it's supposed to help the adrenals.


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    I'm still sticking with what I'm on right now. The HPA Axis isn't a sure thing. How many reasons have they said that cause CFS or FM so far? Epstein Barr, HHV-6, none have been found to be definative. Am I trying to treat my HPA Axis, yes, but I haven't really figured out yet. I need to do more research.

    Candida can still be a problem. All the symptoms are exactly like CFS or Fibro. And I'm going to try to get my body the healthiest I can so it can help support my HPA Axis. If your immune system is not healthy it really can't produce any of the hormones usually made by the HPA Axis.

    I'm intrigued with the HPA axis, but I don't think they'll ever find one causative factor. Now they came out with the genes studies. However, from what I've read genes only count for 20% of the reason why we get a certain health condition. it takes other reasons like stress, chemicals, etc that push us over the edge.

    Licorice is good for the adrenals, but if you have high blood pressure, please watch out because it can raise it.[This Message was Edited on 04/26/2006]
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    I'm curious too!

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    We know the HPA axis of the brain is affected . We also know that FREQUENTLY the onset of CFS begins with an infection , often ( but not always) during a stressful time.

    The big question is .. Does the immune system become disabled by infections? Does the reduction of cortisol
    ( from the scrambled HPA axis ) cause us to be incapable of overcoming infections ? Exactly how is cortisol involved ?

    The FFC has advised me to go on cortef , but I have reservations . I would welcome any advice on this subject .

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    the gene study indicated the HPA axis is affected, that's where I got the idea from....

    this seems to me a waaaay more definitive study than any other

    maybe we'l have to wait ans see what doctors advise

    (also it's not true every illness is 20% genetic... there is big variability and unknowns. some illness are not at all genetic, others 100%...).
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    still wondering if anyone is doing anything differently

    ps. a genetic defect, mutations, is not the end result of anything, it is there from conception. think back to highschool science class.....