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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by windblade, May 15, 2006.

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    Ha! Now I don't have anything to say, but didn't want to clog up your prayer request.

    It's so COLD here today. I have my summer, spring, autumn and winter clothes out and keep changing them from day to day. Back and forth. I love chilly, cool, rainy or sunny weather. I'm like a polar bear.

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    I'm writing to myself so there will be a '1'there instead of zero. :)
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    Hangin - LOLOL Thanks for the 2! I'm cracking up about your Thanksgiving reminder to the pengky. He seems happy -don't want to traumatize him.

    Don't know if he can get up in the trees with his flippers.

    When it's really raining heavy - the whole flock comes onto our lawns and once in the street. Fifteen or more 3' turkeys!

    They would be very stringy to eat. One time at the convent, a Korean Sister mentioned to Sister Carole (!!! new Sister - who's on third?!!!) total giggles - that they should eat the turkey. Just picturing her with a cleaver running around the woods cracks me up so much!!!!

    Sister Carole was my first friend there.
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    Praying for you for tomorrow!

    p.s. Sister Carole Marie is her full name.
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    then will delete this, then all of immunesupport then the entire internet.
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    Thank God it's benign!!!! I'm so relieved.

    HANGIN, I finally caught on to that part of your humor! Ha! Watch out I don't delete you and your air mattress! :)
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    Back from therapy feeling terrific.

    Eliz. - to delete or not to delete the pengy's - that is the question.

    Hangin - It's good you didn't go. That worked out well.
    Are you smoking on the stairwell to cut down?

    It's a BIG battle - we'll have to pray it through.

    Love you.
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    Good for you!!! It's wonderful the solutions you come up with - potassium - amino acids, etc.

    Just said a prayer for you for the cig. smoking.

    I think we need to keep praying big time.

    Just woke up from a horrific nightmare - one of my recurring ones. Took time to calm down. Feel sad, but it's good to grieve.

    But the night before had an unusually good and healing one.

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    Yesterday Diane and I prayed for you about the cig. smoking.

    She was so pleased that you had prayed for Eddie!
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    MISSING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoping your energy will come back soon, and bring you back here! Eager to hear your news.
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    How absolutely wonderful the black cohosh sounds for you!

    WOW!!!!!!! Praise God! Thank you LOrd.

    I have been concerned, and worried about all you have to deal with in your life, internally and externally.

    I said to God. " Please! she can hardly take any medicines - practically none. Puhlease help her find something to give her a break. She has too much to deal with."

    So my prayer joined other's prayers and became a channel for receiving God's help. Wow!!!!!

    I am so glad you have the magnesium, and now the black cohosh!!!!!

    Yes, will keep praying for your smoking. Put up a post, okay? We can gather our strength from everyone's prayers.

    p.s. The reason I didn't see the little doggie in Bluesky's pic was because I had already looked at 10,000 pictures in Fight's animal game! It's all Fight's fault.

    Although one time when I was in my 20's I was staying for a week or so at my cousins. I was really excited at looking and drawing all the wildflowers there.

    In conversation,my cousin's husband mentioned the bulldozer beside the house. I said "what bulldozer?" We went outside and there was this HUGE bright yellow bulldozer almost as big as their house that I hadn't even seen! It had been there all week!

    Since then I've heard many times that artist's have selective vision. I'll never forget the looks on my cousin's faces!! (Making me laugh now)
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    I am so utterly thankful and happy about the black cohosh !!! It makes me feel so good for you to have this relief!!!

    Love ya!