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  1. Sweetpotatoe

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    Hi all,

    Can't be here long tonight, Just wanted to say hi and send my love across the great ocean.

    I had a legal appointment to do with the trial in october yesterday, I was supposed to do an 8 hour round trip to see the new lawyer. My health just couldn't endure it, so I was able this time to have a phone appointment..Praise God.

    Dealing with this issue steals my peace and upsets me so much, so many years of this, the ongoing fight and struggle.

    I will never stop believing God will bring justice and restoration, in the meantime I have to walk this daily, and trust the Lord.

    I pray for you all daily.

    Love Cindy.

  2. Sweetpotatoe

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    I've just had 2 huge days at work, early starts. Today is Sunday, my kids have sport this morning, its freezing here!

    Tiggy, in a nutshell, my x wants revenge, he has been trying to destroy me for the last 10 years. Its complex its seems that he will not stop, he is a fool, he is self righeous, not very smart (but cunning), he will not let me be.

    Its hard to go into, its so sad, so evil, I could never have imagined what he was capable of, that the depths of his bitterness could destroy my life, that he would never get over the rejection of me finally divorcing him. I couldn't take it anymore, and yet its been so much worse than the misery of being married to him.

    I was lured by him, didn't see what was lurking inside him until it was too late, the consequences of my mistake is a life sentence for me and my kids....I can't go there, I can't understand how God can let this go on, that God has let him abuse us and take everything from us, control us, and inflict his sickness on us, I grapple with God on this, so I can't think about it...not today.

    Praying for all even though I haven't been here, your in my prayers everyday.

    Patti, I hope that Hubby shapes up soon!!!

    Tiggy, Are you home in the early evening? I was thinking if I get home in time, my noon, I could call, I'll give it a go anyway. (and hope we get a good line!!!)

    Judy, Praying for your brother, Bless you for praying for his soul, I pray for my x most days, Thy will be done,
    its a hard call dealing with dangerous people, I have to leave it to the Lord, put it in His hands and hope, pray, believe and trust, thats all we can do.

    God Bless.

    Love Cindy.
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  3. windblade

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    Cindy and Tig, hope you were able to connect on the phone tonight. You have a beautiful, strong, loving friendship!

    Tiggy, I love all the things you sent to Cindy to brighten her life. I have a collection of cards also from my closest childhood friend.

    We have known each other since we were four, and have shared all of our life experiences since then! She's written so many loving and inspiring things, that I read again and again.

    I use those cards as bookmarks - or put them where they can brighten me up.

    Thanks Tigs for your heartfelt wishes that I get through my depression.

    It comes and goes. If it's for short periods then I can get through it by reading and blocking most of it out; of course the A.D's help. And if that's not enough I have to curl up and sleep until it lessens.

    Cindy, I know what you mean about being careful in dealing with abusive relatives or relationships.

    I had to stop talking to all in my family - at the ripe old age of 50. Just literaly could not take any more. Had to do it to survive.

    Just this week, my older brother came so strongly to my heart to pray for.

    And my friend, Diane, that I mentioned above, said that she had been talking to an elderly neighbor, and she remembered that my older brother when he was young would always look down on the ground, and not look at anybody.

    He became just what he was treated as. I grieve for the boy he was, and how he might have turned out so differently.

    And then yesterday, Sister Carole Marie (of the convent that is praying for and with our Worship Board), called to tell me that she has seen my father.

    I asked her about 6 months ago, if she would call him, and just ask how he is doing. Through all our prayers, he told her that he would love to receive Communion!

    So, all this time, we have been praying for the Holy Spirit's guidance. And it is definitely another answer to prayer that he let her come and visit.

    I have to wait and call her back, can't do it now. I need to be very balanced and strong. The grief with my father can undo me in a split-second.

    Cindy, I totally loved all that you wrote on your last post about the things you were enjoying. I loved hearing all the details of the bling jewelry, and the kind old woman who said you were a beautiful girl.

    And this week, when I was struggling, your faith really strengthened mine. When you spoke about finding peace in the process. I have to do that too, and choose to do it.

    Choose to believe in what Jesus is doing in my life. Some things I can see, but so much is invisible. Yet - it is his deep, loving, faithful Self that I will believe.

    And I was thinking of you, as you're reading Proverbs. "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine".

    I'm so glad also that you didn't have to make that horribly long drive to the lawyers.

    Sending prayers and blessings for your children also. They have a lot of Auntie's here. :)

    Littleblue, I hope you caught my last reply to you on the old thread.

    I'm so thankful for your good, strong common sense and wisdom. You give such succint, down to earth advice, that is right on target.

    I'm so thankful to have your input here on the board!

    Patti dear, rest up after your emotionally exhausting week.

    Hoping things will get back to normal soon, and there will be harmony again in your home.

    Sending love to all,

  4. Sweetpotatoe

    Sweetpotatoe New Member

    So sorry it got late your time today, I checked the world clock it was 12.40am, please forgive me, I will get in early one day this week.
    It is so cold today I have a headache and just exhausted, after I went to sport, the laudromat, the grocery store and cooked lunch I needed a rest, my teenager had to be taken to work and I have to get him later tonight. Off to work at 7.30am tomorrow, How I pray for a rest, everyday I pray and ask the Lord for a season of rest, just to be a mum for the last years of my kids childhood, for financial provision to live normal, and for the blessing of a husband. Each and everyday I ask, then stand in faith and wait.

    Judy, I pray the depression lifts quickly, you are dealing with so much, it is wise to distance yourself from toxic family members, to trust in the Lord and live your best life, I know God has good plans for you, I believe a new season is upon you, I will keep praying for you, for healing of the depression and ptsd.

    Tiggy, I pray everyday for a husband for you, I pray too that a roomie comes along quickly.

    Patti, I hope you are resting, How is your son going?

    Littleblue, I love your advice too!!, Have you had peace throughout your life?

    At the moment my heart is so yearning for love, it comes and goes, and right now It is so strong, I continue to pray and ask God for a mate, please pray that God sends a mate soon,just the right one! -Thankyou.

    Love Cindy.
  5. Sweetpotatoe

    Sweetpotatoe New Member

    I tried to call you yesterday, said it was out of service, email me if the number has changed.

    Its so cold here, my feet and hands are playing up big time, feeling flat and depressed, I'm trying to press through and stay in Faith, keep dreaming and praying and waiting......

    I think I am gong to cry soon, I feel a big bawling session coming on, maybe I will feel better if I let it out...all the pain, frustration, and disapointment is so heavy in my soul.

    Lord please help me!!!!

    Love to all.


    Littleblue, I hope you get a mouse soon.

  6. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Cindy dear, just wrote to you on the Windblade thread. Just finished writing it. Hope you will get a chance to see it.

    Have been praying for you heavily yesterday and today.

    I think crying is so necessary, and it even has healing qualities that God designed for our relief.

    I am praying and believing with you for all of your needs!

    Please add on to the list I made of a good husband for you. :)

    The one I am praying for!

    Tigs, wrote to you on the other thread about your ministry of intercessory prayer. Would really like to know more about it. Praying about guidance for you. What the Lord wants you to be doing.

    And asking blessings for your deeply heart-felt ministry.


    I caught your reply on the Windbade thread - now I'm getting totally confused, jumping around like a grasshopper from thread to thread.

    I wanted to ask you how your parents are doing. That is such a big job taking care of them, and yourself.

    And who is the beautiful, shaggy pony in your profile?

    Patti - hope you are resting up after such a difficult week! Hate for you to be going through all that.

    I'm so glad to have you all as friends!

    Love, Judy
  7. Sweetpotatoe

    Sweetpotatoe New Member

    No tears yet!

    My computer is playing up, it won't type words properly, has a bad virus, I need $$$ to fix it.
    I hope you feel better soon Tiggy, prayers to all.

    Love Cindy.
  8. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Thank you so much for your prayers for me to be steady and able to hear the news about my father.

    It is so heart-breaking for me, because I loved him so deeply when I was a child, and long so much now for family.

    But I have to at least survive, and when I deal with anyone in my family, it tips me over into a constant state of re-living the abuse.

    Last night I was going through such a struggle, fighting off despair - not wanting this ruined life of mine. God must have helped me in my dreams, because I woke up with fresh hope.

    I'm putting your parents on my prayer list.

    My husband is taking care of his mother, since his father died about a year ago. We helped arrange for them to move close by as they got older.

    His mother is difficult too, very bitter - and takes out all her anger on my husband. I keep telling him how proud of him I am for persisting in helping her.

    So, we will lift up prayers for you and your Dad and Mom.

    Sending love to all - Tigs, Cindy, Patti.

  9. Sweetpotatoe

    Sweetpotatoe New Member

    I've been reading the posts catching up on everyone since I only got my computer back last night, the old faithful is working again! It had 95 viruses! It is so old and limited in what it can do, I also only have dial up internet which is slow, but I am thankful that I have a computer and I can come here and be with my friends.

    I love you guys, I know alot of people would think its crazy to have met people on the internet, but I believe we have true friendship here, with Jesus in our hearts, He has provided a way for us to fellowship...even though we have never met! I pray for you all by name everyday, this world will end one day and distance won't be a problem!! I can't wait to meet you guys in Heaven! Won't that be exciting.


    You are just showering your love upon us all here, its amazing, I know that you have had such struggle throughout your life, God is using you to minister to others and share your experience, your words are uplifting. Gods highest request is to LOVE, Love Him with all our heart and soul, and love our neighbour. I'm sorry menopause is upon you, my mom went through it at age 40, it lasted almost 15 years, she had a real hard time with all that goes with it, physically. She chose not to take any medication or hormones, it was a real battle, I pray for Gods mercy on you, that there is a way to lessen the symptoms, Mercy My Lord!
    Are you still taking the evening primrose?, I'm taking everday without fail, it agrees with me, no major changes but I love it!

    So glad you are revived, and Praise the Lord for negative results in your tests....all is good Yah. I'm glad you and hubby have stopped locking horns!!I imagine its not easy living with someone 24/7, as much as I yearn for that, it comes at a price of constant give and take, forgiving and overlooking and trying to find middle ground, sometimes I wonder why God made men and women so different, then asks us to try and get along LOL.

    Thankyou for your uplifting words and compassion on us all, I am praying for you everyday, for recovery and srenghth of mind, for the depression PTSD to leave your mind and body, and I believe it is, God has good plans for you.

    Your house sounds like mine! We are a bit odd here! lots of noises at our house too, a bit like a zoo really, with the kids and the dog, (she is recovering nicely from her hormone problem, almost back to normal). I could relate to the 'noises' that you are tiggy taled about, I thought I was weird because I grunt when I am stretched to the limit, it just happens, I realise I am doing it and try to stop it or go lie down, I am relieved I'm not the only one with a quirk lol. We are funny creatures.

    Just wanted to pop in, its saturday morning, I had a huge work day yesterday, I might get called in later today because another superviser is really sick, I will help where I can, then I work all day tomorrow, I am shuffling the kids around this weekend, because they have sport and other commitments, I've got rides worked out around my work schedule.

    Just taking one day at a time, not looking at the big picture, doing all I can do with the strength and wisdom God has given me this day, hoping, praying and believing the Lord will sustain me this day.

    I am so thankful for all that I have, I am thankful for you guys who uplift and support me, love me even though we've never met!
    Have a great night.

    Littleblue, I loved reading more about you, I will be back later, so much I wanted to say to you.

    Love Cindy.
  10. Sweetpotatoe

    Sweetpotatoe New Member

    I'm praying for you, I haven't been here much this week, but I am still lifting you all up in my prayers daily, Praying for the new requests as I read them today.

    I've had a busy week with work, and also my legal battle is requiring lots of time with travelling to the city, paperwork, lawyers etc, I have also been taking work as its available to help with the costs involved. I have to take the kids and myself to the city again tuesday night, stay overnight and attend a crucial appointment on wednesday morning. The results of this appointment will have a huge bearing on the outcome in october, MERCY LORD-I PRAY FOR TRUTH-DEVINE JUSTICE IN JESUS NAME!!!.

    8 years of suffering at the hands of another, purposely, vengenfully misusing power, I am believing for God to intervene. Please pray for my children and I , Thy Will be done, all glory to God.

    I've been having to go to bed whenever I can this week, I am so tired, I know the grace of God has been upon me to be able to keep this pace.

    Not much longer now.

    I hope you are all well, I pray for peace and provision, I pray for our Lord to shine His face upon each of you, Patti, Judy, Tiggy, littleblue, May He Bless you all.

    Lots of Love and prayers, Cindy.
  11. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Cindy dear,

    I've been praying for your important legal appt. for Wed., and your trip with the kids.

    Can you put it on the prayer request thread, so more people pray?

    Sending blessings to you and your children.

    Not much happening with me here, just using my energy to cook, do laundry, small tasks.

    I've had some pretty bad PTSD occurences that I've had to suffer through. But the PTSD really takes up so much of my life that each day, I don't know what symptom I'll be having.

    I do exactly what you do. Just work so hard on survival, try and use any gifts I have in service to God. Always search out beauties and enjoy small comforts.

    I have to read a lot to block out emotional pain. The meds. don't do enough.

    Patient endurance, I think is one of the great growths in the spiritual life, from all the great teachings!

    I know how hard it is from my own life too, but we are truly resting in faith and trust in God's promises for us, his joyful love of us.


    I've been praying for you majorly all the way through.

    Don't have any words of wisdom. Just wondering about support groups. People can get very close, and give deep, loving support, and be there for each other.

    Will keep praying for you!

    Love, Judy

  12. Sweetpotatoe

    Sweetpotatoe New Member

    I wasn't sure which post to reply to, I wanted to say thankyou also for continued prayer.

    Wow, the last few days have been huge, my mind is all over the place, emotions like anger, despair, hopelessness,...then hope, believing...I am so exhausted, I truly believe somehow the Lord is carrying me through this time physically. I don't know about answers just yet, more waiting for results of the assesment that has been done.

    We had to be at the Family Court in the city for 8 hours, my ex was there with his new wife and family, lies and deception were overflowing, also the snickering and laughing at me continued. LORD YOU SAID THE TRAP THE ENEMY SETS FOR ME- HE WILL FALL INTO.

    Over and over I say and think and ask the Lord, I don't understand, Lord I don't understand, I can't understand, what is this all about, why does someone get away with so much, ruin the lives of others??, decieve and lie, act and lie, lie and lie some more.

    The turmoil has been great today, I always seem to struggle when I have to deal with this, talk about it, face it, face the evil, face the consequences.

    I get so upset with God, screaming out, MY LORD MY LORD, MY GOD<, WHAT IS GOING ON, WHERE ARE YOU???, Your word says You will never leave me or forsake me, Your words says, You will not let the righetious fall, Your word says You love me, Your word says, no weapon formed against me will prosper, that every tongue that rises againsts me will be shown to be in the wrong, this righeoutiousness is my heritage as a servant of the Lord.

    My enemies will come against me one way and flee before me seven ways....on and on, I just can't understand, the years of praying and praying and praying, seeking, knocking, asking, pleading, claiming the promises, declaring the scriptures, believing and believing, speaking the word, fasting, sacrificing, giving, forgiving over and over, abiding in Lord, serving, overlooking......WHAT ABOUT ME GOD, I DON"T UNDERSTAND- I AM BROKEN TO THE CORE.

    Earlier this year before the may hearing, my friend in NY and I stood in agreement every day at the same time, over the phone for hours would declare the word of God, The promises of God, praying, She fasted for 50 days leading up, I fasted 21 days, For months I prayed unceasingly.......I have prayed for years, I have done all I can, I cannot understand this situation, I just cannot understand the evil.

    I will believe all the days of my life that God is my vindicator, God will set me free, God will deal with those who harm me, He will not let this go on the meantime I don't know what to do.

    Tomorrow is a new day, the emotions always settle, I will put this out of my mind until the next time I have to deal with this, I feel like I just can't beg God anymore. I need numbness once more.

    Please pray I get steady again, focused and faith filled again.

    I'm praying for you all too, Judy, I'm sorry you have been having the flash backs, I will continue to pray for you, Tiggy, I pray for all your needs, Patti, I pray for refreshing in your spirit, Praise the Lord for those test results, I will pray and keep on praying leading up to getting your skin cancer cut out. Littleblue I will start praying for your Dad, your family and for you, to also stay steady, Hope you can come back soon and let us know how everything is going.

    God Bless you all, Please Lord have mercy, Mercy my Lord, wisdom and understanding for each of us.

    Love Cindy.

  13. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Welcome Home, hon

    I was praying for you majorly the whole time you were gone!

    When I had a bad suffering time, I asked Jesus to join it to His great suffering for help for you.

    I hope you get some rest now, and wind down. How did your kids take it all?

    Uhg! Your ex sounds not only cruel, but strangely childish or immature. I'm so glad that you're not with him anymore!!!

    I prayed and prayed for change in the legal minds. For your lawyer or legal rep. to have fresh, new ideas.

    Glad you're back safe and sound.

    Love, Judy

  14. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    One of these posts is on the old regular Worship board, and the new one that Tiggy started is on the New Pro-Health board.

    I don't like change either. I've seen those >BR< symbols on many posts on the Chat Board, as well as people being bewildered.


    So glad you could ride your horse! Amazing! And wash your car, and do other stuff.

    Patti, It's great to have you back again!

    Going to try and figure out these posts.

    Love to all,
  15. Sweetpotatoe

    Sweetpotatoe New Member

    Patti, When do you have the surgery?, keep us posted so we can pray. Skin cancer is a huge deal here in Australia, we are known for being the sunburnt country. As a kid we got sunburnt all the time, the dangers weren't known then. I had freckles all over, one year my nose peeled so bad it peeled off all the freckles too! I looked like a horse with a white patch accross my nose. Now days the kids have to wear hats and sunscreen at school.
    I used to sunbake as a teenager, being white as snow I always wanted a tan, but I just went red. I haven't been out in the sun for years, I fake tan through the summer so my whiteness is not blinding, I have to wonder about the chemicals in those products.

    Whats happening with the search for a therapist, Are you waiting for your insurance?, can you look yourself?, Have you tried all the meds available?
    Do they offer electric shock treatment in USA?, I knew a christian woman who had severe bi polar/PTSD, she opted to have the treatment, a huge decision, but she was desperate.

    How is your friend going? I'm going to try calling you later today, your night.

    Its sunday morning here, still dark, I just don't sleep, its so weird being so so tired yet I can't sleep. I wake atleast 6 times through the night and get up at 5am, its crazy.

    I eat through the night too, its a big problem, last night I made toast at about 3am (with vegemite) Have you guys ever tried vegemite?

    My daughter made muffins last night, she loves to cook, but they don't turn out so well, all mangled but I ate some of those too, I have gained 10 pounds over the winter, I'm too tired to exercise and I haven't got the discipline right now to diet. My stomache has been alot better these last few months, I rarely take nausea meds, I'm able to tolerate more foods than I have in years. I never understood until now how people turn to food for comfort.

    No husband in sight, so I may as well enjoy something??

    So another day dawns, the sun is starting to come up, I pray for every blessing the Lord has for us this day, Mercy Lord, Please be kind to us.

    I'm thankful I have the day off work.

    The Blessing of the Lord maketh me truly rich, and He adds no sorrow with it...Amen.

    I'm praying and thinking about littleblue, Please Lord hold her family in the palm of Your hand.

  16. Sweetpotatoe

    Sweetpotatoe New Member

    Lifting you up in prayer this day and each day.

    Judy, Praying for healing, I hope you are feeling better, for restoration of your mind and body.

    Tig, Asking the Lord to meet every need.

    Patti, Praying for the Blessing of the Lord in every area, for harmony in your home, renewed strength, provision..and peace.

    Littleblue, Praying for your family, your dad, and for the Lord to keep you in peace during this time.

    God Bless.

    God hears every prayer.

    Love Cindy.
  17. windblade

    windblade Active Member


    Thank you for the beautiful loving words that you left here and on another post for me. You have so much empathy!
    I felt that you came right into my depression.

    And I see how amazingly well you've been caring for everyone, reading your posts here and there. So loving and reassuring for everyone.

    How are things going, dear Tig? Have been praying hard for you!


    I am working to sort out my insurance. I have coverage until Oct. for the 3 meds. that I take for PTSD.

    Everyone's prayers have helped me so much to feel peace, and to trust God for his wisdom in helping me.

    Thank you for your faithful prayers!

    I just wrote a short update on the depression thread.

    Have been in bed for a week with a virus. Still tired, but getting better.

    May God bless each of your children, and help you with your sleeping problem. That is so cute about your daughter's muffins.

    Patti dear,

    Yes,when is your surgery? I've lost track of everything this week.

    Sending love to all,

  18. Sweetpotatoe

    Sweetpotatoe New Member

    Life is really tough right now.
    Things are moving and developing with court matter, I find it so hard to deal with.

    I have been sitting at the feet of Jesus foe days, I am truly stretched.

    I've been praying for you guys, reading the word, and petitioning the Lord for help in my life, my kids are not doing well right now either, its all such a mess.

    There are no answers, I don't even talk to anyone anymore about anything real, my life is just so sad, it makes people uncomfortable to see and know about what goes on, what can they do?, who cares anyway, its not affecting them, just stand back and do nothing is the way for most people....but I have hope in the Lord, I truly believe God will intervene one day.

    Please say a prayer for me, I'm so low, I have got nothing to give right now.

    Love Cindy.