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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mikie, Jan 8, 2003.

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    For anyone interested in how the balance in the immune system is affected in people with CFIDS, this is a really good read. The only problem is that you must either draw out the graphic as you read Cheney's description of it or you must be able to see it in your mind's eye.

    I attended a seminar and saw this graphic drawn by an immunobiologist, so I have seen it before. What it comes down to is that our systems overreact to some threats and underreact to others.

    I found it very interesting and timely because it describes how stealth pathogens fool the immune system. We have been discussing chronic stealth yeast, viral, and bacterial infections a lot here lately.

    It also addresses the importance of growth hormone in CFIDS. We have been discussing Hgh a lot recently too.

    I'm giving this one to my doc.

    Love, Mikie
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    It's possible I missed it or more likely that I spaced it out. I do that a lot :) I think Cheney is one of the most educated and forward-thinking of the experts out there when it comes to CFIDS, and a lot of his findings are applicable to FMS as well. I have just been unable to find anyone with CFIDS who has gotten well, or even appreciably better, by being treated by him. I understand that CFIDS is very complex and usually involves chronic stealth infections which Cheney tests for, but I also know that healing is more of a possibility with CFIDS than with FMS overall, depending on what is causing the illness.

    I do take his advice and apply it to my treatments and believe that has been a great help to me. The Guai has really helped with the FMS, but I continue to suffer fatigue and cognitive problems from the CFIDS. I do believe that the antibiotics are the key and in time, I will get better. I'm much better than I was two years ago.

    I keep hoping someone will post that they spent the $6,000 to get the workup with Cheney and it helped them so much that it was worth it. So far, I haven't found anyone. I do think, though, that we can all profit from reading his articles as he really has devoted his life to treatment and advocacy for CFIDS.

    Love, Mikie