New CoQ10 supplement, works better. But today fatigue is very bad

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chelz, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Chelz

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    My doctor wanted me to take CoQ10 200 milligrams. I bought a supplement from the health food store and took just 100 milligrams, I felt like it kept me up at night and I didn't notice any difference in my pain levels or fatigue.

    I started taking Andre Lessman's CoQ10 at 100 mg's just about two weeks ago, I couldn't believe how well I responded to his supplement. My fatigue level had dropped so much after only two weeks of taking this supplement.

    Today, however, I have crashed. My fatigue is very bad, BUT I have been able to do so much more since I took the CoQ10, it really has helped me. Although, I have been going non stop since Friday, very busy with cleaning the house, shopping for my mom, visiting a few friends, paying all the bills, and actually went to an outside shopping center on Saturday, usually that is a big NO NO for me, my body just can't handle those outside shopping malls with all the people and commotion. I was in and out of stores for about 4 hours. I was taking advantage of my unusual energy.

    I think I just overdid it and it's my typical fibro body screaming at me to stop. I am feeling shaky, weak, TMJ flared up, feeling slow, more pain, and of course the moodiness that comes along with it. Very busy and unusual weekend for me

    But, I normally I could NOT do all that I did, so maybe it's the CoQ10 that has helped me with the energy and stamina, but with this NASTY NASTY fibro you still have to be careful no matter what. I will just have to pace my energy, sounds strange.

    I won't stop taking the supplement because I feel it is high quality and was recommened by my integrative doc and I feel it will help in the long run. No matter what I take, I still have this horrible condition and have to be careful.

    Just wanted to share if anyone is taking CoQ10. I am hoping that the CoQ10 will help with pain as well if I continue to take it. Hugs, Chelz.

  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have recently had a similar reaction to the Kirkman's magnesium cream. BTW, I think I am just sensitive to it and am not sure that many people would have the reaction I did.

    I felt I used up "too many eggs in my basket" as Dr. Lapp would put it. So, I have gotten so that I use a wee bit. I don't do as much but I don't have a bad reaction later either.

    And the good part is...if I really need some long term good hours...I can use the higher dose. Bummer that it gives me a headache but there is advil for that.

    Glad you found something that gives such good results for you.


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