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  1. Mchuck

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    I was just diagnosed with FM. I have many of the symptoms, but compared with others I think my symptoms are mild (for instance I can still drive and go to work). I feel like my symptoms are so vague and sometimes I wonder if I have them at all. Did anyone have a hard time believing their diagnosis?
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    It took me many weeks of learning about FM after my diagnosis for me to accept that my problem was FM.

    Many of us do still work full time and drive, etc.

    I would have much rather been diagnosed with "Illness XYZ" that had concrete measures for treatment and cure, rather than being told I had FM.

    However, on the plus side, once I had a name, I was able to go to my docs and get my symptoms treated (extreme fatigue, muscle stiffness and pain) so that I could function at a much higher level than how I'd been living for a year prior to diagnosis.

    I had to change my diet, change how I exercised, how I sleep and I have to plan ahead more. FM steals your energy and you have to learn new ways to try and get a little back.

    The best help has been this board - lots of people at all levels of FM, ages, etc. Lots of experience and suggestions as to what has worked best for each of us and most importantly, lots of support in a caring environment - the only caring environment that some people have.

    Welcome to the board.
    Madame Curie
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    Thank you so much. The board is helping already.

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    No I did not have that. More really that the doctors don't believe the dx.(LOL)

    I have periods where I amn pretty active and doing a lot better then I get flares.

    How did they dx, as you must have been feeling in pain for them to do so, surely. So maybe you are just stoic.

    Love Anne C
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    causing the problem.I was on Effexor,lortab and cyclobenzaprine(after 4 years).I worked the whole time (wearing a back brace)until the day came when both legs froze and my arm was weak.The doctor sent me to a neurologist who diagnosed my condition.

    The point of this is,if I hadn't let it get that bad.I might be in a little better shape today little better today.I didn't know what to think about the diagnosis of fms after believing it was my back.So Inended up here.Linda