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    i was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia and am seeking more info on treatments for pain and such i cant do most excercising and im lost as to what is available because im on medicaid and also fighting to retain my disability so if anyone has info that can help on med treatments please leave a message. thank you for any help you can give
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    I am sorry that you received the dreaded diagnosis of fibro. It's definitely not anything you would wish on anyone!

    I see that you are new here to our board/support group. Welcome! Hope you stick around--everyone is very helpful and this is a good place to obtain information!!

    About your pain treatment. What are you doing now? A lot of us can't do much exercising either. However, if you are able to walk, that would help. Start off a short distance and build up to longer walks. Even though it may hurt at first and you will be sore, that will go away if you continue to walk.

    I find that taking warm water exercise classes help me--like those the arthritis groups have. However, Medicaid will not pay for those, that's why I suggested walking. It's free!!

    I hope you have found a doctor who will work with you on finding the right meds to help. I have a relative who is on Medicaid and her doctor has been a real blessing to her. She also has fibro and cfs. She has been sent for physical therapy which has helped her and Medicaid paid for it.

    Medicaid also pays for all of her meds.

    A heating pad helps a lot for me. I use it every night while watching TV. I know Medicare paid for mine because the prescription from my doc said it was "for arthritis pain relief." Check with a local pharmacy or health care store and ask them if Medicaid pays for one, then get a prescription from your doc.

    Hot showers also relieve my pain in the mornings. The hotter the water, the better!

    The meds that help me the most are: Cymbalta, an antidepressant which also helps on nerve pain; Neurotin, another med which helps on nerve pain and fibro pain; and Zanaflex, a muscle relaxer that I take before bedtime and it helps me sleep. I have Lortabs to take, but they were prescribed for my back condition.

    What meds are you currently taking?

    You can also have a sleep study performed that would be paid for by Medicaid. A lot of fibro patients have sleep apnea. When diagnosed with sleep apnea, you are set up with a CPAP machine and sometimes oxygen (I have both). This makes a HUGE difference in the quality of your sleep. Then you wake up more rested, less fatigue, more alert, etc.

    I don't understand why you said that you are fighting to retain your disability. Are they about to take it away, or what? Are you on SSI or SSDI? Are you being re-evaluated?

    Let us know a little more about what you are doing now that is not working.

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    well first of all i was on ssi for something else and when i received my diagnosis i called themto tell them and was told it didnt matter. now they say im not disabled and have to go back to work after oct. ill see my doc on thurs bout some new meds and keep finding something. im grateful for all the ideas so i can take them to my doc and give him some ideas and try everything. i think hes a godsend because within 2 months of transferring my care i received bunch of tests and found out what was really going on instead of being told nothing was happening.the only med im on right now in amitrypillin but im hoping hell realize its not enough. I file my appeal on mon for ssi and hope it goes well at least i cant get cut off before nov though as long as there is an appeal going. wish me luck and ill keep you posted