New doc and pain doc listened!!!!

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    Well, I think I have found relief for FM/especially pain, which is what i needed the most to function. My pain doc wrote a referral and I gave it to a new MD and she said that she will give me oxycodone as long as I would try the vicoden first. I asked her what the pain doc rec. and she told me oxy every 6 hrs. (5mg) but I did agree to try the vicoden (again). she said in two weeks if it does nothing she will try the PATCH or oxycodone! I am finally getting some answers to my pain. the darvocett that my rheummy wanted me to take was too weak and did nothing. I will let my rheummy handle the mycoplasma P w/doxy treatment and let my new MD handle the pain and everything else. And yes I did have to sign an agreement w/her that I would not go to any other docs for anything. Just liability to cover her bu**. which I understand, I wouldnt do that anyway. So I will call my rheummy and tell him my plan so he knows about it. because he originally referred me but the pain specialist told me that the MD should handle it and let the rheummy just handle the myco. I might just try and Infectious disease doc for the mycos as well, this is what the pain doc said I should do, any words of wisdom please let me know. I just feel so relieved knowing that I will get treatment. Perseverence does pay off, what a long road so far. Thanks for listening. THe vicoden really is not doing anything yet, but I will wait two weeks.... Iggy
    PS, I got this DOC from a post here referring her to me, Thank you!!![This Message was Edited on 07/25/2003</i
    PS, the pain doc went on and on also about how I need to change my life style and eating style contributing weight to some of the problems, I know he is right to some extent, but we're only talking twenty pounds hello? If FM was caused by being 20 lbs overweight the average american would have FM. But he did make one thing clear that I do need to be free of pain. So I bit my tongue and thanked him!!!
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    Good luck with new doc, and new med, and congrats.