New Doc appt tomorrow - any help/advice appreciated!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by deniset524, Jul 24, 2003.

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    After so many months that I don't even want to think about it, my doc is finally seeing me tomorrow to consider guafenasin (sp?)...he doesn't seem to think it will help me at all...I am on percoset several times a day, in addition to wearing a fentanyl patch full time...I want to wake up ONE DAY with no pain...does anyone have any advice for me/suggestions on what to tell him? I have also heard that there is a fast acting percoset - does anyone know the name or any other info about this? Mornings are the worst, and I am about to go back to work, as I work at a school...I really wanted to find something so I wouldn't have to rely on the heavy meds, but so far that is all that is working...I got to the point last week that I had had it with seemed all I was doing was popping pills, and really don't have much relief...but when I think about how bad I am without anything, I realize that I can at least get out of bed...can someone please brighten my day? Those of you on guafenasin, how much/how often do you take it? Thanks in advance...Denise
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    i posted recently about guaifenesin and some questions i had, apparently questions about guaifenesin treatments keep coming up and it's probably hard for those "in the know" to keep repeating themselves. if you type "guaifenesin" or "guai" in the search box you'll get lots of info. Mikie was kind enough to answer some of my questions recenty. if you type her name along with guaifenesin in the search box you might get some of your questions answered with less posts to go though. good luck. i get tired of taking pills to but tell myself the same thing that you least i'm getting up and doing things because of the pills. some others are less fortunate. let us know how you make out with your new doc.

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    I was in apprehention for same general issues this is a Bump! Many people can help you here!! :) Good Luck, Ez