new doc, help me know what to ask please!!

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    well, my rhemy went out on maternity leave and appears to not be returning (she dx'd me and actually listened) i am seeing a new rhemy this week and am totaly confused as what to ask him. i have not been seen in 1 yr., see family nurse practioner for other stuff.

    i have fbs and cfs. The only meds i take are flexeril and zoloft (multi-vitamins, coq10, calcium). i continue to have "itis" type stuff, have costrochondritis and plantar facisitis now. so i can't walk or breathe!! :)

    i feel helpless and i want to be an educated patient. i just don't know where to begin! i also run a low grade fever every day, i saw infectious disease dr last yr, only ebv and cmv came back positive.

    with all the info out there, i am just lost, please help me know where to begin.

    thanks so much! i really appreciate any suggestions.


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    Hi Maggie. I think the only thing you really need to ask him is if he/she believes in CFS and FM. If they do then all you really need to do is explain what has been happening since your last visit to your old rhuemy. You might also catch this dr. up with everything your old dr. was doing for you and what kind of test you have been through. Good luck.
  3. Yes first ask if he believes it exists. Then ask what current treatments seem to help. Listen to what he says I am sure then you will t hink of questions.
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    I'm assuming with CFS/FM that you don't sleep so good. Ask him for a sleep study and any recommended sleep medications if the study warrents it.

    There are so many areas affected by CFS/FM that I try to take one problem at a time. Try to fix the sleep ...
    might have less pain and more energy to take on all the other 12,000 areas that need addressing. LOL!

    Good luck,


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    As others have posted I would start out by asking if he/she believes in CFS and surly dont need a doc who dont believe in it.

    Also even though your records may have been transferred to the new doc...I would sit down before going and make a list of all your Medical conditions and symptoms, all medications your taking now, what meds you may have tried in the past and therapy that didnt help, any PT you have taken...Keep a list for yourself and one to give to your new doc....

    I have found making out a good list like this really helps especially when seeing a new Doc.

    Also make a list for youself of all questions you do want to ask...its easy to forget once your there.

    I hope you like this New Doc and he/she will be able to help!

    Good Luck~Keep us posted on how it goes!!