new doc says I am bi-polar? another CFIDS nightmare

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mymolly, Nov 1, 2005.

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    I went to a new doc today as I have moved quite a ways from my CFIDS doc and am having another relapse. I have had CFIDS since 1988. He told me he thought I was bi-polar as I seem to have" these ups and downs"!!!! Knew in 5 minutes he did not believe in the CFIDS diagnosis. I guess I was naive to think that in 2005 there were any doctors left who did not think this was a REAL DISEASE!!!!!
    Anyone else have any crazy diagnosis like this one?
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    to minimize this in your medical records--maybe write to him and say that you will not return to him because he is misinformed about your diagnosis and you lack confidence in his abilities, that you previously had a proper diagnosis by a qualified doc who waas able to treat you and help you with your symptoms. Why would I do this? It is said that there is less stigma today to having a mental health diagnosis. That may be true in some situations. However, if you should ever become very sick and disabled and have a just claim against a disability insurance policy, BEWARE, as most have a 2 year limitation for mental illness disabilities--you can only get benefits for 2 years, and then you are on your own! The insurance company in that situation (should you seek benefits) would grab onto any little shred in your medical record to try to prove you do not have a physical disability, but a mental illness. In that instance, those with mental illness are treated as second class citizens. On the other hand, some have gotten SSDB on account of mental illness, when there has been co-existing mental and physical complaints or even just physical complaints which they deemed "all in their heads," which can be an advantage, I guess. Blessings to you. I hope you can find a compassionate and knowledgeable doc to treat your CFS symptoms. Jen102
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    I am bi-polar....appearantly, buying a convertible (for full price too) when I couldn't afford it-just because my knee hurt is considered a 'manic' episode. I also would get suicidal at times.

    Drugs are cool! :)