New Doc's thoughts a laugh or not?

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  1. Turnert

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    My Daughter has had CFS for 6 years typical start following EBV and tests via many different Doctors and specialists say not cause known.

    Because former General Practice Doc closed up shop we tried a new Doc who seemed Ok (I went to him and he helped me.

    Here is what he said re my Daughter's issue

    The issues my daughter has now are any reading greater than 40 mins or exercise causes a funnt feeling behind her eyes, she says it is a pressure feeling. This causes inability to concentrate and pushing past this point by reading more can bring on a virus like condition (sore throat, whoosy head etc )in a day or so following this or exercise.

    She can tell a cold coming 2 days before by the fact that she cannot read anything or do anything without the feeling coming immediately not after a period of time. Her 3d vision not working re microscopes and as she is a medical scientist that weacks her job a bit.

    The doc said it is caused by her "batteries" running down and that she probably tried too hard to get ahead in life (she is a high acheiver) and that she is not getting better as she is trying too hard to get better. gees what goes with these doctors? he at least is getting a test for HHV6 exposure that I read about here. Hiks had Rosello Infantum early in life and EBV so may have an active virus though that was our request not his.

    He said do fun things not to worry. Like
    1. Read -cannot without brain fog
    2. Shop -cannot walk far and no maney as cannot work.
    3. Play computer -same effect as reading
    4. painting -Ditto.
    5. watch TV -boring watching days of our lives etc
    6. lie in bed -only thing left but this not helping
    Said trying to look for a solution is making you worse.

    Any useful thoughts appreciated.

    oh MRI done passed
    no wilsons
    no Lymes
    no CMV
    no Ross river Fever
    taken heaps B vitamins atm
    tonsils removed
    Tried 4 lots of anti depressants by a PDoc made thing worse.

    Dad of CFS daughter
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  2. mollystwin

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    I would get a new doctor. One who is lyme literate and can accuratly test for that as well as candida and heavy metals.

    I would also recommend that she try a parasite cleanse. That helps most people with this dd and cannot hurt.

    Her symptoms are a lot like mine and I had all the above. I

    I would guess your daughter has mulitple issues/infections. It's tough finding a doctor who can help figure them all out.

    I would also recommend a good diet. No sugar, alcohol, simple carbs. Lots of organic veggies, some fruits, meat, eggs, nuts, chicken.

    good luck,

  3. Turnert

    Turnert New Member

    Thanks we will be changing once the HHV6 testing series gone through with . Seems here in Brisbane Australia a DR Deal is the guru so posts here and my physio says.

    At least this 1 allowed testing her former 1 said he had to check with his medical advocate whatever that is and never authorised the testing when asked several times.

    Parasitic cleanse what is that?

    Oh all this started after a bout of conjunctivitis followed by EBV fever diagonosed by Dotor as a virus " forget about it" and my daughter tried to exercise herself out of the "fug".

    Since that run she has been only firing on 1 cylinder but has completed her medical science degree 1 subject at a time. Unfortunately she did this exercise at her boyfriends place if she had tried that here I would have stopped her as my son had EBV 3 weeks before (tested as EBV)

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  4. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    Every six months I do a parasite cleanse. People with this DD have low immune systems and contract infections easily including parasites. If you google humaworm you can get information on this. It's just taking various herbs for a month which rids the body of various parasites.

    Another issue that is common with people like us is toxic overload caused by various infections which cause toxins as well as toxins in the envirnment and our foods. This could be contributing toyour daughters reading issues and brain fog. I do much better with brain fog and reading issues when I eat a good diet. Diet also helps immune fuction as well.

    Take care,

  5. UsedtobePerkyTina

    UsedtobePerkyTina New Member

    Well, I enjoy petting my cat. Also, going outside and laying on the lounger and listening to the birds.

    On the days she feels better, maybe she can play card in a lounging position, even if she can't win.

  6. Turnert

    Turnert New Member

    Her diet is fine she is strict on what she eats though does take sugar. will google that.

    Problem with fun is she still knows she is sick and cannot work and that as she is about to move into a house with her fiance is a worry for her.

    Suggested chill out music and whale sounds but her present feeling is way down after that doc's comments