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    I have a new rheumy and I have a second appt with her Tues Aug 9th.

    My lawyer for disability has told me to ask her if she thinks I can work because I have been denied my claim and am now appealing.

    I feel funny asking her because I have not seen her for a long time. Does anyone have any advice so I can work up the courage to ask her and maybe get her on my side. She agrees I have FM and cfs just feel funny asking like I am begging for something.



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    I can tell you how I ask my doctor and I feel very comfortable with him, but I too did not want to sound like I was begging...

    First off I said I know you cannot make the desicion for SS as to weither I am disabled or not. But through talking to others and lawyers I have learned if your doctor is behind you and willing to write a letter on your behalf it could be a big help in SS deciding favorable in my case.

    Im not sure if this is what you are looking for...Maybe someone else will come along with better advise, as I was saying I have been seeing my doctor for 6 years now and im very comfortable with him and he truly new anyway that I was not able to work.

    Good LUck

    P.S. Check out my post "For those of us Applying/Fighting for Disabilty"....there is a post there about Talking with your doctor about supporting your claim..May be of help!!!
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