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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by momof471, Apr 5, 2007.

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    I've psted here about the 'brain zaps' I get. They have had me a little nervous. My psychologist wanted me to see a neurologist, my rheumatologist that treats my fibro has been ill and its been hard to reach him, so I went to my primary for a referal, he also thinks I need to go. Had conversation wiht Rheumy today on phone and he thinks I'm wasting my time, he said its more than likely fibro. I don't know if he just does not want me to go because he doesn't want another doctor dealing with my fibro? This neurologist is knowledgeable about fibro and that is what I wanted because I am hoping this is fibro and he should be able to tell. I also get tingling and numbness when lying on back or side and that is also when I have these 'zaps'. After talking to my Rheumy, I've lost my confidence about going and am scared to go. I went through a nightmare with worker's comp doctor's the past few years and now am distrustful of doctor's except for my primary and my Rheumy. Am I doing the right thing by going or am I blowing this out of proportion? He also tried to link this to my anxiety issues. Funny thing is these"zaps' happen when I am going to sleep or wake me from sleep, I'm not stressing right then! Any advice appreciated!
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    words of wisdom anyone?
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    hi mom of 471
    my 2 cents--get it checked out by a neuro, since we tend to blame everything on "a fibro thing" there is a possibility of other stuff too.
    fibro mimics so many other illnesses, and the fact that your problem is so consistently positional makes one think of a pressure of a nerve or something (foggy moment) that occurs in a certain position.
    maybe it is crazy to keep searching, but you would hate to find out later that there is a bigger problem that could have been fixed with a simple dr. check and mri.

    when you see a new doc or neuro, try to not mention fibro/cfs and maybe you will get a little more respect and thorough exam.

    good luck--L
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    He will know about the fibro as he has all of my records, however this neuro knows about fm/cfs, so I don't expect any negative response due to this. It threw me when my rheumy tried to link this up with the anxiety. I love my rheumy, but he does not like other doctor's to 'treat' his patients. I've gotten where I don't bring things up because I know it will be FMS, but I have always felt I have something going on in my neck or upper back, like you said maybe a pinched nerve or something and it is positional. I hate it when I feel I have to second guess or justify my actions, it drives me nuts! Thank you for responding.

    God Bless

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