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    Due to the fact that I am unable to work normally and unable to afford insurance, today I finally had the opportunity to see a doctor at a "clinic". I believe the term used for my Dr. was "internal medicine resident" - or something like that.

    He was very young and courteous and listened patiently while I described my symptoms. Here is a summary of my visit:

    He doesn’t believe in CFS (“people who have CFS and FM are lumped into a category when they can’t find something wrong with them”). I informed him that I was diagnosed with CFS by Dr. Lapp in 1996 and I certainly don't want to have CFS since there is no known cure. So, as I told him politely, let's please try to find out what could be causing these symptoms. He agreed.

    He wants me to cut back on the klonapan to just .5 mg once per day by Friday! Since I currently take .5 x 3/day, this could be interesting. Yes, I do have panic symptoms and yes it helps me to sleep at night (I believe). Well, I am going to follow his advice to the letter and make sure I take notes (which he said would by a good idea after asking him).

    He wants me to try 300 mg of Neurontin 3/day instead of once at bedtime. I have been saying this for a LONG time. However, we both agreed (more importantly, he agreed) that this may not solve anything. My best time of the day is 10 PM - 1 AM. I take the 300 mg tab at 8 PM so two hours later . . . I feel "better".

    He wants me to see a physical therapist (first time this has been suggested to me but hey). "Because of the pain in my knees and ankles". Okay. Again. I will go with it. Perhaps I will see other benefits.

    He doesn’t mind if I take notes regarding my condition (finally!) - mentioned above.

    “We will work on this problem(s) together”. That was very nice of him. Most doctors have not said this to me. In fact, I'm not sure when one has volunteered such a statement.

    He asked a few psychological questions: “are you dating anyone, are you depressed, do you have thoughts of suicide, do you have mood swings, etc.” I answered that I was just very frustrated and very tired of the condition.

    The lump on my back (which is why I went in the first place) hurt when he pressed on it. He believes that it is on a nerve. Not physically, but near a nerve, thus causing the pain. If it gets larger, then they will have to cut it out.

    I could not place one foot in front of the other (literally) and walk in a straight line without falling over. This test was performed by Dr. Lapp (who originally diagnosed me as well). Dr. Lapp informed me that this, along with many other symptoms, shows that there is a physical problem. Needless to say, the Dr. today seemed puzzled by my lack of balance. I was able to touch my nose with my finger as he instructed.

    I also mentioned that my skin is not healing quickly (or at all) when I have a scrape, etc. That can’t be right.

    The final question was, “If you could have one of your symptoms healed today, which would it be?” I said my constant feeling of disorientation/dizziness/headache. Yeah, that’s three but they are related. He found it odd that I did not say my chest pain, by his expression. Since that is a big problem right now.

    Also, more blood work when I am able to abstain from food for 8-10 hours! That's tough for me! ;)

    So here we go with a different med treatment. I will give it a go. Open mind. Let's see where his diagnosis takes me. I have to try something.

    Thanks to all who responded to my "electrocution" message. I have yet to thouroughly digest them.



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    I'm glad you found a dr. who is willing to listen. I know its not the same as seeing Dr. Lapp, but the one thing that this dr. has on his side, is his youth (he's still young and impressionable and not as thoroughly endoctrinated in mainstream medicine's views as his older colleagues, which should allow for some open-mindedness).

    While you are working on the other things, I wanted to make a recommendation on the panic symtpoms. This is an area that I struggle with. I have made great accomplishments in this area, but that's not to say I don't have relapses. Luckily, those relapses come only following very stressful situations. These situations wouldn't be nearly as stressful to the average person, but as you well know, we tend to be unable to handle the slightest amount of stress.

    My last relapse was in November. I did everything I knew to do, and after a few weeks I was done with the panic attacks and was no longer taking the supplements I needed to take to get me to that point. But, it was a horrible experience and I didn't think I would make it through.

    Here are a few ideas of things that either helped me then, or were suggested to me afterwards, by my dr.:

    *A stress supplment from a health food store (preferably something with magnesium and calming herbs like hops, chamomile, schizandra fruit) might have to experiment with different combinations, since I know for me not all of them work.

    *Ask your dr. to test your DHEA level...when cortisol is elevated (a likelihood when having anxiety) DHEA is usually lowered. This is something you don't take long-term, but can certainly help if you are deficient in it.

    *A homeopathic remedy for stress

    *Massage therapy (an absolute MUST for me, because my breathing becomes shallow and my stomach muscles tighten up, causing me constipation and pain all over)

    *Breathing exercises



    *Sleep aids....when stuck in the "flight or fight" mode, its very difficult to rest, and that only makes for a worse situation for the adrenals.

    I hope some of this helps you. Its a horrible place to be when dealing with anxiety, but trust me, it can be resolved.