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    I am very upset. I am trying to think logically about this situation but I am having a hard time. I recently moved and had to choose a new physician. I visited her today and without seeing any of my medical records or asking me about how I dose my meds she made a comment that disturbed me. She saw my meds and exclaimed "No wonder you have Chronic Fatigue with all these meds". Well, it just so happens that two of three of the meds she questioned I take less than prescribed and the third medicine I don't ever take. I asked her to explain her comment and let her know how I dose those two meds. One of the meds was Ambien and I never take that unless I start tossing and turning really bad in the night. Even then I take half the dosage prescribed. I was afraid that I would run into this kind of problem and then she went ahead and jumped to conclusions. I walked out of her office and went to my car and cried all the way home. I am so afraid she is ignorant to Fibro and CFS and I won't get the medical attention I need. My boyfriend told me to give her a chance, that she may draw the same conclusions that my old Family Practice doctor and rheaumatologist have once she sees my medical records. I am scared and long for my old physicians but they are too far away.
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    I feel so bad for you. There is nothing worse then having great Doc's and having to lose them. I can't imagine the pain you must of felt. I would say see if she has the same attitude next time and if she does then maybe you could contact your old dcotor and see if they can't write a letter to your new one or even call her to explain your situation Doctor to Doctor. Maybe that way she won't be so heartless. Otherwise maybe your old Doc knows of a good referral where your at now.
    Take care and best of luck to you.
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    I'm so sorry you had a bad visit... You must feel awful. How far away did you move? If it's really far, maybe you could ask everyone here if there's a doc in your area that they know about. I did that, and found a doc somewhat close to me. I'll be going to see him in a couple weeks, hopefully it's a good visit...

    My thoughts are with you, stay strong...

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    I'm sorry you had a bad experience. How did this doctor know what medicines you're taking if she never saw your chart? Did you explain to her about how you take them? Also, is that all she said to you? Is she willing to treat your Chronic Fatigue? What kind of doctor is she - rheumy or family practice? Maybe it was just miscommunication. Do you have another appointment? If so, you need to tell her outright how you feel and if you're still not happy, look for another doctor.
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    when a doctor looks at my chart and how quickly he peruses it whether or not he'll "believe in" FMS! If he isn't one of OUR docs, I know it quickly and I don't continue to see him. I don't have the time, $$ or patience to deal with closed minded, archaic, god-like doctors who aren't practicing in this century!! I take quite a few meds and I have tried to reduce the number, but the meds are prescribed by my doctors for my many problems and each of them know about the meds the other docs prescribe~~they do well to work together in my care. I would LOVE to take NO meds, believe me.
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    She didn't have my chart. I brought all the medicines in that were prescribed to me even the ones I rarely use. I don't know if she is willing to treat my Chronic Fatigue. The only thing I can say is that she hasn't seen the lab tests that have been performed numerous times, physical therapy visits, changes in meds several times, xrays and everything thing that is in my medical records going back to 1986. She was very abrupt and I didn't even know when we were finished. She just walked out of the room. In Michigan all the doctors gave you a sheet to take to the receptionist in order to pay so that is how I knew I was done there. She just walked away and said they were going to fax a request to my old physicians for my records and then she would make a determination on how to treat me. SHe didn't indicate if that would take place today, tomorrow or a year from now. Sorry for the sarcasm but I seriously did not know if she was finished with me.
    I wish I had all kinds of money to check out various physicians but the fact is I do not. I posted something in regard to FM doctors in South Carolina and only got one response. SHe said the only one she knows of is 100 miles from me. This woman was a nurse and didn't know any good FM doctors around this area or her area in South Carolina. I may just end up going there.[This Message was Edited on 01/28/2003]
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    ~~~I'm so sorry about your Dr.'s visit, it must have felt very intimidating! She was very out of line. Did I answer your post about a S.C. Dr? (Fibro-Fog) Anyway, I know of one near Charleston. He is a Rheumo. and wonderful...but 200 miles from me so I go to a GP in Columbia who is sympathetic. Let me know if I can help,
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    I just don't think I could drive that far to see a doctor. I had to drive 160 miles (two way trip) last May and it put me in bed for two days after that. I am considering a Rheaumatologist in Florence by the name of Harry Allen. Again, thanks for the the info.

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    Hello, I don't know if anyone still reads this board or will see this message, but thought i'd check anyway...I live in Columbia, SC and cannot find a doctor here at all that knows anything about Fibro, can you tell me the Drs. names that are in SC??? My email address is Thanks, any help is appreciated.