New Documentary about CFS/ME "Unrest" needs our support!

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    Hey all, I just wanted to post here about a movie that Jennifer Brea has made about her hellish journey with ME. I just found out about it on Facebook. it's called Unrest and she has a kickstarter campaign to fund the screening of it in major cities and other advocacy efforts. I would post links if I could! But a Google search will work. From the trailer it looks like she really portrays how awful it can be. I backed her as much as I could, maybe we can all get the ball rolling and bring her eloquent voice to the masses- to everyone who doesn't get it!! She's our horse in the race!!
    When I think of the fact that when I was bedridden I was just trying to scrape my life back together and this woman makes a movie it blows me away. Thrilled to back such a strong spirit. She is amazing!! Let's get her movie out there- it's already winning awards including one from sundance.
    I don't know her personally, I am just uber excited about the work she's done and what this will mean for us all!!!!!!

    Much love,