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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mandeville, Jan 23, 2009.

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    I have had Fibromyalgia for so long that I can barely remember my life as being "normal". I will not try this new medication, as I have already tried Cymbalta and Lyrica with no improvement. The one thing I found that worked were massages specifically for the muscles, where most of us find (I know I do) knots caused by the illness. My only problem with receiving massages was that my wonderful insurance company (UHC) will not pay for a massage, even with my physician's order. We were paying out of pocket at $400/month. As most of you know, that figure can only go so far and then it ends because of the expense. I hurt all day, every day. My wish is for all the nay-sayers on Fibromaylgia to feel my pain for 72 hours, they would not be so fast to judge and say it doesn't exist. I lost my job of 20+ years to this illness, but I will not let it ruin my life. Each day, I am living with the pain and praying that one day someone gets it right and finds a way to make it all go away. If we could all just have one month of normal living, every once in a while.
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    I don't understand not wanting to try a new drug because *other* drugs didn't work. Our physical chemistry is not all the same, so some drugs help some of us, some help others, some basically help none of us. But, if you're going to complain about the pain, and you want people to take you seriously, you can't then say that you won't bother trying new meds.

    Yeah, the massages worked and I'm sorry that you can't afford them - I totally understand how disappointing that is. I can't even afford to try them, but I'm willing to try any medication that I *can* afford to try. Or heck, I've been in several clinical studies both to make money *and* to find new meds that can help me. There are new meds coming out all the time - I figure that somewhere out there is exactly the right med for me. I'm hoping it's Reboxetine at 4mg, because that's what I'll be starting to take next week as part of an extended study on Reboxetine. I've been part of a double-blind study and the 60+ week extended study is an open study. My dose has been too high since Week 3 (Weeks 1 & 2 started with a low dose), and I know that because I could feel it. It felt like too much caffeine. However, it did give me energy and helped with my pain. The first two weeks were the best though, so I'm hoping I can capture that feeling again by going back down to the lower dose.

    And, if Reboxetine isn't my miracle drug...well, maybe there's a scientist in a lab right now inventing my miracle drug. I'm willing to give just about anything a shot. Well, so far, I kind of have, except for Xyrem. My current doctor isn't "comfortable" with "cutting edge" meds, so I'll have to either switch doctors or wait it out. Although, it's kind of funny how interested he is in prescribing Reboxetine (I've told him about my experiences in the clinical study) as soon as it hits the market...yet in the U.S., it'll be considered "cutting edge", even though it's been approved just about everywhere else. I guess my personal experience of taking it for a few months has swayed him. I'm glad for his other patients because the clinical study doctor has said that she's had great success with it. I'd like to think that letting a pharmaceutical company experiment on me (although, not that much, since I know it's gone through many foreign studies first) will help my pain management doctor's other patients.

    Anyway, I know I'm answering a semi-old message, but I was going through everything on the board and this caught my eye. I don't know what this "new drug" is that you're refusing to try, but you should give it a chance. I've also tried Cymbalta & Lyrica without success (Lyrica worked for a few days for me when I had a herniated disk, but didn't help my Fibro and the side effects sucked), but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Reboxetine. If that doesn't work, I still have my Oxycodone and when I have extra money for a month or so (my insurance only pays for $500 worth of pharmacy benefits, so most of the year, I'm out-of-pocket), I get Fentanyl patches, which help more but I can't usually afford them. Oxymorphone & Hydromorphone don't do a thing for me. They help less than Ibuprofen. Besides Xyrem, I think just about the only thing I haven't tried that I think might help is a higher dose of Oxycontin, but I just can't afford it.
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    Why won't our insurance companies cover massages, is what I'd like to know. I also get relief from massages, but haven't been able to schedule one for over a month because money is so tight right now. You'd think these companies would rather we get the massage, instead of costlier expenses such as several different prescriptions that most of us have to take every day!!!!
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    I am on both med.s I have had FMS for at least 15 yrs. Tried many combos of drugs.Some work alittle. I have been doing better with 3 Lyrica a day + 1 cymbalta. Sometimes they are not enough,so I have darvocet as a last resort. I have gotten some relief by walking,eating better & losing 87 lbs. I still feel the worst in damp,chilly,or too cold of weather. Like right now in N.E. In. Keep prating.GOD Bless!

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