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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dvdav2000, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. dvdav2000

    dvdav2000 New Member

    In the Orlando Sentinel Dec. 1 . via Tribune Newspapers so it should be easy to find online... " Antiviral Drug found to cut severity of mono " author Shari Roan... is the buy line...
    The drug is made by Epiphany Pharma. private held co. in San Fransisco.

    Is this new... NEW... drug Dr. Klimas had mentioned in her talk three weeks ago ?? She called it Drug X... as it is not identified but shows big promise...

    I yahooed it and it steered me to the Valcilovir ?... ( Valcyte ) but it is not the same co.

    Don't want to set off a firecracker here but it was prominent in the paper... or a filler story

  2. ulala

    ulala New Member

    "Laboratory studies suggest that using Valomaciclovir and foscarnet-ZT in combination resulted in greater than 90% suppression of HHV-6 after three days. This drug is also being tested in a clinical trial at the University of Minneappolis to treat EBV mononucleosis. "

  3. denis321

    denis321 New Member

    the Epiphany CEO Lee Mesiel mentioned this study during public testimony.

    I'm not sure how much it would apply to us yet. Maybe it helps in the beginning of CFS but not sure if later?
  4. dvdav2000

    dvdav2000 New Member

    Well I won't drop any more names ... but I wonder if this is the drug mentioned at the meeting three weeks ago.

    So it seems this is out there but I was " happy " that it made the newspaper... but it looked like a " fill " story and was generally aimed towards college age students who may contract this ailment.

    It was worth a read.

    I composed a kind and inquisitive e-mail to the author but it is in my " draft " folder for now...

  5. Sceptical

    Sceptical New Member

    Why is this hurry? We do not know yet anything. Valgancyclovir was certainly not that med. By the way we do not even know which virus is implicated in CFS. WHy would you take poisonous drugs on your own? Take your time. If controlled clinical trials confirm safety and efficacy of Foscarnet, Cidofovir, etc against HHV6 or XMRS, then go ahead. Such trials do not occur in secret.

  6. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    Have heard the patent for valtrex is coming off soon, so maybe its the replacement for valtrex. Drug company have to be seen to be making new meds, tweek older meds slightly and bang a new patented drrug to sell at big prices.
    Cynical i know
  7. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Hey, that's not being cynical. How do you think they pay off their $150K debt for college? The doctors make more when the drug companies make more, and when the pharmacists make more. It's called Capitalism, and who thought we could capitalize Health Care! Greedy people.

    I'm glad that Valtrex is going to have a generic soon, and I hope that patents' years are cut in half at least. I'm tired of rich people making more money off the ill.

    Fight :)

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