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    tomorrow I have my first appt. with a new family doctor: I have been without one since the winter time. I dont know how much time I will have with her, and how to explain everything as clearly and fastly as I can. All I know is I need help and to go in a new direction: I am starting to have stress pain in my chest: I am contantly stressing about being tired and about the increase in pain: I dont know if she will be able to help with this. I also had a break down last week when I realized rhuemy actually does not know a lot about fm/cfs, and my treatment with him has stalled if not stoped with the past few months: I go there for no reason. We actually do not do anything. He tells me to get a therapist and I need more sleep. Between that and when I mentioned a few drugs and supplements he never heard of that is when I realized I knew more than him, and I think he only knows the basics of FM or nothing abourt CFS. He deals with arthritis and not FM. Ok getting off track, back to new doc appt. tomorrow.

    What do most people go to family doc for? My old one helped a lot when I always was sick, and helped me find doctors to help with FM, but I am a lot worse now. I dont know what to tell her or expect from her. This current stress and stress of new appointment is killing me.

    Any help would be great, thanks
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    One thing you might want to do is to make a list of things you want to address with her. Write down symptoms, concerns etc.

    I am looking for a new Dr., too. And the 1st thing I am going to find out is what he/she knows about FM! If the new Dr. isn't knowledgeable or open to treating FM like a real disease/syndrome & not a 'character flaw' or 'mental condition', I am not going to waste my time!

    Good luck! I'll be thinking about you!

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    Do you have a letter that was written by your rheumatologist, confirming fibromyalgia?

    When I was diagnosed, the rheumatologist wrote a letter to my MD telling him the findings of the illness.

    then I went to a second rheumatologist and he confirmed the diagnosis. It helps to show the written documentation to the new doctor.

    however, if you don't have it, don't worry. just let her know how you're feeling. it will tell you a lot about her, if you see she is compassionate.

    try not to stress too much, or it will make you sicker.
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    I also second and third bringing in lists or documentation (test results, records from previous doctors), it can make THEIR job easier and more efficient.

    It might help to write out how to want to describe stuff to the new doctor ahead of seeing her, when you have some time to think through and organize your thoughts. I've done that before and found it super helpful.

    Most general/family doctors see people when they first realize something is wrong, coming in for regular exams, when they have the cold or flu or have some issue that is troubling them. They don't tend to specialize (although some do) and so have more of a general knowledge about lots of health issues but it isn't very detailed.

    Hope that helps!
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    I did actually make a list, and then left ot on the dinning room table. Lots of good it did me there. Well, it turned out she is not that helpful for FM: Again the fog made me forget that one important question when she was recommneded to me, and I made the appt. Another person who gets all hing up on cymbalta. The one good thing is she is running blood work and a ct of my sinuses to see if she can figure out why I continuely get sick: Here's hopeing.

    I did just find, on some good doc list: Don't know how I cam eacross this one, two rhuemy's. I am going to call both and make sure the SPECIALIZE in FM before going. This is almost like what I went through to diagnois the cosdacontris: Went from doc to doc with no one knowing what the probelem was, then one day a new doc I tried said let me refer you to pain management. Pain management knew eactly what was wrong in 10 minutes, and one little pill ended almost 2 years of suffering. I am hopeing I will have the same fate trying to find a doc to help with FM.
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    I actually did good with this doc: I usually get upset when meeting a new doc and having to go over all my probelems the first time with them. I was very pleased with myself. Unfortuately that is where the good news ends. Stress has been a major issue the past few weeks: About always be tired, and feeling like a have a cold. Also dad diganosed with cancer so that did a number on me. The stress is so bad I started having chest pains on Saturday that are still there but a little less frequent now: Thank goodness.