New Fibromyalgia Research

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    It is interesting that for as long as fibromyalgia has been a recognized condition that most in the medical community have believed it is a metal disorder, that it is all in the patient's head. But there is new research that indicates that it is in the patient's head, but it is not psychological, but physical.

    The new research was conducted in France on women with fibromyalgia using brain scans. What they found was that all of the participants had blood flow issues in tow parts of their brains - the area responsible for measuring pain intensity and the area responsible for the emotional response to pain.

    This was a small research project and more will need to be done, but it may provide a direction for new treatment therapies.

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    Here is a site by the American College of Rheumatology, which is apparently the center that comes up with criteria for diagnosing fibro. Here is their site with a lot of good info on fibro.