New FM specialist appointment tomorrow

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joannie1, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. joannie1

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    I am getting excited and somewhat nervous here. i have had my share of the horrible Doctors and am praying this is the break I have been waiting for. I am hoping that things go good for a change. String of bad luck for sometime now.

    I need suggestions about how to do this and make a good impression with him soo pleeaassseeee help me on how to go about this.

    Please pray for this to be a good experience for me. Oh, how i need it to be.
    Take care and God bless all.
  2. Lendi

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    Just wanted to wish you luck and a terrific appt. I would write everything thing down, including my questions. Other than that, be yourself. And, count on lots of prayers from me :)
    I hope I find a good Dr. soon. Mine just informed me that CFS/FM was a bunch of bunk. Needless to say, I'm looking for a new Dr. (My neurologist diagnosed me but I only see him every 6 mo)
  3. phenom

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    i'd be nervous too! i agree with the previous post (i can't remember your name sorry!) -that you should write down EVERYTHING even things which you think are unrelated. other than that i'm sending good vibes your way! i have a disability appointment tomorrow morning - they said they want to see me to make sure my information is correct - it might mean i've been approved - fingers crossed. good luck.

  4. pam_d

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    I do the same thing with all new doctors. I take a one-page document, where I list all my pertinent symptoms (starting from the most bothersome to the least bothersome) and how long I've had them. Then, I list ALL the testing I have had in the past, & approximately when those tests were performed, and results (for example, "Brain MRI, 1999-negative") and include bloodwork, MRIs, anything having to do with your FM symptoms---and what conditions were felt to be eliminated at that time (like lupus, MS, lyme disease, etc.---of course your new doc may want to revisit these issues). You should also include medications & supplements you are taking.

    I keep this to a concise, ONE-PAGE, document--very important! Most doctors are willing & even appreciative of one simple page to scan; any longer, & they don't have the time.

    I keep this list on my computer & edit it from time to time, as my symptoms evolve over time, and as I have more tests, or my meds & supplements change.

    This has been successful for me; I can glance at the list myself so I don't forget to mention something, but also, the doctor can check this out quickly (as it's just one page) & keep it in my file.

    Good luck to you, Joannie, I hope this visit is fruitful for you!!

  5. susabar

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    I would say honesty is probably the best policy. I took am going to a new doctor this coming week... It is stressful... all of it!!!!!!!
    sorry, Good Luck