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    I am new to this board. I was trying to find information from other people who suffer from FMS about what they think triggered this to happen to them.
    In my case I have had it for over three years now. And with me it started after I almost died from gallbladder surgery. The doctor sent me home for a week with a bile duct leak and a stone still in the bile duct. My husband was in the military, and he took me back to the ER twice and they turned me away saying nothing was wrong with me. By the time he took me back the third time I was so swollen up all over. I was bigger than when I had any of my children. Anyhow when they then saw me they took action and started running alot of tests. I had told them all along something was really wrong with the surgery, even begged them not to send me home from the hospital the first time. They found the leak and sent me to a gasteroligist, by ambulance, who had the scope down my throat for over two hours. He could not repair me because of the stone left in the bile duct, because I had to be opened up for that. So they speeded me back to the army hospital. And there was a full staff of doctors and nurses waiting for me to go into surgery. I was so scared I was going to die. I was pleading with my family to not let them do surgery on me again. And that's when they told me that they have to because my organs were shutting down. They did the surgery, and I was in intensive care for a week. In the hospital for a total of 22 days, after the second surgery. I can not explain all of the pain that I endured during that time. And especially during the week they had sent me home. Because all of the bile was leaking out into my body. Also the bottoms of my lungs had collapsed, by the time they had even given me a look in the ER.
    ANyway, that was over three years ago. And although I feel lucky to even be living, I am in pain. I started going to the doctors telling them how I "hurt all over" and they tested for me for MS, lupus, and various other conditions. Finnally they sent me to a rhumatoligist, who said it was fibromyalgia.
    In books that I have read they state that it can be triggered by a failed surgery. I was fine before this occured to me.
    I was just hoping someone would have some input.
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    I too have FM. Was just diagnosed end of May this year but have had it for 2 years. Mine I believe was triggered from an illness and car accident.

    Sounds like your body has been through some pretty traumatic events! On this site, under message boards there an actual CFS/FM board. You might want to post this there as you will definitely get more responses.

    There's also live chat if you want to check that out! Welcome to the boards!
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    Nice to meet you and welcome.

    i belive my cfs started back in the 90's, i was told then i had ebv and lyme. i was in bed for like 8 months or so back then. after that i felt fine. i was normal.

    then in 98 i lost my mom and 4 months later i lost my son. then had female surgery and the dr. gave me the wrong hormones. i felt like i was run over by a truck. i found my old gyn, i had known him for 20+ years. by this time i was in bed for 2 years. he took one look at me and took blood himself, i turned out i had no hormones in my body at all, after taking oral ones for all that time. plus he said that i had fibro and cfids. i asked him how he knew this just by looking at me? he then told me he had it also.

    i belive he saved my life. i cannot see him anymore he doesn't take the state medical program. but i have really lucked out with the dr.s i am allowed to see. they belive me when i tell them everything and are pretty liberal with the meds. so far they leave it up to me. one dr. even told me that i know more than he does about fms and cfids.

    god bless, kim