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  1. pinkquartz

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    i have been reading messages for a while and would love to join in but nervous have never done anything like this before.
    would like to know if anyone has tried thyroid and adrenal therapy and has any kind of feedback.

    treatment here in england is very different.we do not have all the options i am reading about. its all interesting and its exciting to know you are all trying to find your way through all this terrible illness combined with lack of standard tests and treatments. ihave been ill for 23 years and needed to use a wheelchair for the last ten years.

    i would like to have any comments or replies especially but not only from people recovering or coping with being ill so long.

    with love pinkquartz
  2. judywhit

    judywhit New Member

    welcome from the States! sorry to hear about how ill you have been for the last 23 years! yuk!!!! We are very blessed here in the states to have many treatment options available to us. But, now with the internet everyone has the availability of the supplements and natural herbs. We cannot share websites here but we can share name brands. You just have to do a bit of research. I am going to explore the thyroid route with a dr. I will be seeing next week. You can always post a new message with more specific info you want in the heading. that works very well. And be sure and check at the very bottom of the message that you want emails when someone answers if not your answers get lost in the shuffle. Be blessed and welcome.
  3. Dayle

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    I'm here in Canada,eh. I'm sorry you have had things so bad. I had been seeing a homeopathic doc for afew years & she has saved my life. I have now become strong enough to start the guiafenesin, go to for more info. Hope this helps you,I understand that there are quite a few homepathic doctors in England, maybe it would help. Best of luck. D.
  4. pearls

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    No need to feel nervous. We are happy you have joined us. As to options: I live out in a rural area, so my options are not as numerous as for those who live in cities. I don't have any idea if my options are less than yours, but I often feel that mine are less than other members here.

    Perhaps you will find information here that will give you some relief after all these years. I'm sorry that I have no experience with the therapies you mentioned. Anyway, welcome, Pinkquartz!

    Soft Hugs,
  5. lou2

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    Hi pinkquartz....
    I am sorry you have had to be ill for so long too. But i am also from the Uk and wondered if you know of 'The london FM/CFS Clinic' in London? based at '30 devonshire street'. It is pretty expensive for consultations, treatment etc, ....BUT they do all the relevent tests you need and have the most up to date information in england i think. It might be worth you giving them a call if you havent been able to get test and things done. I don't really know your situation. Have you tried homeopathic remedies, changing your diet, all the supplements etc, or had all the viatmin levels, thyroid, adrenal checks?
    Good luck, you will find this board very helpful,there are also quite a lot of us from the uk on here too!
    lou x
  6. pinkquartz

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    i wanted to say thanks to the people who replied to my post. i'm not sure if i get what to do re replies. do tag this to the end of the thread? will this work ?
    i have very fuzzy brain due to recent nasty bug.
    i wanted to ask madwolf for more info on his adrenal and thyroid help,please.
    to lou 2 , thanks but after being ill solong i have no money for expensive private treatments. over all these years i have spent a small fortune!
    i do have help and healing from a nutrionist who is passionate and caring, a sympathetic G.P.
    i spend more than i can afford on supplements that do really help. often feel sad and frustrated that i can't do more due to lack of money.
    to judywit,do tell me how you go with your docter next week
    and to everyone again hi.
    lov pinkquartz